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Illastrated Occupational Lung Diease ( not for faint Hearted )

Illastrated Occupational Lung Diease ( not for faint Hearted )

Over Xmas New Year i was plagued with coughing fits ... Nothing new given my condition

But docs dont seen to appreciate the epersodic nature or fact lung debris can hurt and affect you breathing i.e inabilaty to breath then heart problems and associated pain

Lot of docs say o you cant feel pain in lung but that is BULL as pain near kidneys if not them can be a region of lung called your Inferior Limit of Plaura.

Anyway getting back to my coughing fit and obveasly as i have coughed up lung tissue with asbestos fibers lodged init at geting a old had at what to expect

I would say Nebuliser i use helps with pain a dont know why but it dose helps clear big debris my liver kidney and ardale glands cant process naturally ( finger Clubing ) glad am not drinker or would be quite obvious .... but like anyone i have my vises but all keep them to my self ;))

Thats enough ramblings or are they mental notes held in space .. But yer title of my post is quite fitting for asbestosis lung tissue matrial i have been coughing up

my lung doc says i have near normal lung function yet i am on permanate antibiotices steriods vetolin and hypertonic saline

I have obsctrutive and restrictive lung diease and suffer chronic lung inflammation Inflammatory lung condition to boot with no none cause BUT my doc said its not caused by poriasas BUT was very intrested in me suffering from it

So that brings me to lung martial Illustrated Occupational Lung Diseases COPD Pneumoconiosis and numbered picture at top of this post

Picture 1 is lung tissue see honey comb matrix thats you alveoli The red lines X and V is asbestos martial within lung tissue asbestos fibres lodged in it ... The yellow tint is inflammation something to do with cytokines Alveolar macrophages a think the black dots the " experts cant determine if its threw pollution or smoking

BUT them black dots in picture 1 Is classed as old age lung disease as thats what naturally happens if ya hill billy or live in a city and are cracking on

But in someone young it is classed as Pneumoconiosis black lung disease esp if exposed to asbestos cement silica

But getting back to picture's (2) (3) (4) of my coughed up lung tissue everyone love's and yellow orange tint that is inflammation chronic inflammation that is responsible for scaring and is lung fibrosis your looking at

As you can see in all the pictures the asbestos fibers caused my coughing fit then i coughed them up after lot of breathing problems and pain .. So its like they say with doc's diagnosis what come first the chicken or the egg

Then you get pneumonia now how convenient is that .. with regard as Asbestos silica and any other Occupational Lung Disease

Video is of coughed up asbestos fibres fibrosis chronic lung inflammation source of my pictures

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