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A Happy New Year to All.

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Due to problems on f/b i have decided to close my account and hopefully try and get back to what i do best helping & advising other who are less fortunate than me, I have also change provider so i am waitung on everything being set up so I can be online whenever i want, So glad to be back.Mattcass

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A very Happy New Year Mattcass; does that mean you will be posting on HU site? I hope so. Love Margaret x

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mattcass in reply to scorpiolass

So nice to hear from you Margaret a few days to set-up then i'm back. Matt

Great to hear you're coming back Matcass .Await your input with anticipation!


Yay! Welcome back, great to see you. How've you been.

A really happy new year to you too Mattcass

Sorry to hear you had problems on facey, I missed ya! Good you're back on here :)

Great to see you back Matt, hope you are feeling good after New Year. xx

Nice to see you back Happy New Year

polly xx

Welcome back Mattcass and a Happy New Year to you too. xx

Happy New Year, great to hear from you again!

Happy New Year to you too Mattcass.

Morning Mattcass, So nice to see your name back on this site, Hope 2015 will be kind to you, best wishes and regards Bulpit

Glad to hear that you are still around. ( sorry That sounds horrid) but I did miss your lovely pictures and positive posts thank you for staying with the group your support is wonderful.

Bliadhna mhath ur! Good to see you back x

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mattcass in reply to Chris3

Good to be back, waiting in the final steps of my change over to another provider,matt

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