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Sorry if you all think i am a bit thick but i am new to this place and i would like to know what exactly is pr in relation to copd?

any answers will be appreciated

stay well everyone

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Pulmonary rehabilitation .

Normally two hour session twice a week for six weeks. Consisting of one hour exercise and one hour education. A must for people with COPD. You have to be referred either by your consultent or respitory nurse.


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Welcome Derek. No-one would think you're thick - why would you know it if no-one's ever explained?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is what pr stands for. This a course of exercises with education tailored for people with copd. Your doctor can refer you for this although provision varies throughout the country (it shouldn't, but it does :( )

It is usually something like 8 weeks, twice a week, and each session lasts for about 2 hours. This was how mine worked but some a re a bit different.

They tend to be held in church/community halls and are run by very experienced respiratory physiotherapists. I'll look for a link and post that in a minute.

Here's one:


You can find lots of youtubes on exercise for people with copd too.

All the best :)


Thank you so much

You're very welcome.

Hi Derek welcome to our friendly forum really nice to meet you.Already you have had great replies not a lot that I can add except to say that the courses are so very beneficial have never heard a bad word about them.So ask for a referral from your doc or resp nurse.You wont regret it. :) Janexx

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Bad word bad word :d x

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thanks for your welcome I wil try to contribute where i can

Hi Derek nice to meet you and welcome to our friendly little site. Any questions or support needed we are here for you and each other. x

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Hi Derek & welcome. If you look to the side of posts you will find pinned posts & one is Abbreviations where just about everything is covered . Hope you enjoy our site - I have found it invaluable & had lots of support since I joined a couple of years ago . Helen .

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Welcome and never think yourself thick because we save typing with abbreviations ( Why does such a long word mean to shorten?)

I went to PR after a long stay in ICU with my lungs and they helped no end and I learnt how to use the "Huffing Technique" which is a great way to get rid of those troublesome snails.

I was put down for another PR but they say I am exercise intolerant now so could do myself more harm than good :(

Be Well

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Hi off cut, I found doing the hough tiring ,,,,though very good to clear my chest ,and have now been given a flutter devise to help me,and found it better,

I have fibrosis and they do not seem to want to try that with me not sure if they think it may cause more damage as huffing is working for me sort of?

Hi Derek100, it is confusing if we only use letters like PR. Pulmonary rehabilitation can be a bit hit and miss depending on where you live but it is basically as described below. I have a gym membership which allows you after the initial PR to go anytime for a small fee. My Gp referred me, there are private PR courses but they are costly when you are entitled to NHS care. And private ones only assess your need for PR I was told. Hope the replies have enlightened you, always ask if you are not sure there are many on here who can supply info from experience.

Pulmonary Rehab is marvellous. I'm sure it has changed my life for the better. You can learn so much if you are open to learning.

Some have said they've been denied it for 'not being ill enough'. I was very lucky to have had a referal from my respiratory nurse at the gp practice in SW19 London.

I'd go on too long if I told you everything I'd learnt!

It's not only breathing and knowledge they help you with.

From the Questionaire i'd filled in at assessment they judged me to need emotional support. At the end of one session there was a lady waiting to speak to me in private. She was a counsellor and left me with a phone number to contact for more help.

I'm mild (very mild now if I have COPD anymore at all). I actually apologised for not being ill enough and was told no, no, the latest initiative is to catch people early to make the greatest difference to their future. By golly it has too. I have a future where I used to think I hadnt.

Hope you get on one. P

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I agree pulmary rehab saved my life,and enhanced it by getting me into exersise and educating myself about my illness,,,,and of course making new friends who are also fellow suffers .

Hello Derek and welcome

You've already had great replies, you'll find everything you need in this forum from medication advice to just a chat because your depressed, there's normally someone on line.

Good luck

Kim xx

Hi Derek welcome to this very friendly site, I'm quite new, and never really know how to contribute sometimes, I admire all of the guys and girls , very supportive, kind, and caring people, it's really amazing.

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I could not agree more thanks for your trouble in replying

keep well xx

Pulmonary rehab, it's an 8 week class/ course ,usually at a gym or fitness centre under the supervision of copd specialist nurses and physio's, you can ask to to be refered to the them by your GP, I did the classes back in 2008 when they first started, and I'm so pleased I did, from the then I progressed to the gym 2 days a week reaching ,,,,2 Klm on the tread mill ,3 Klm on the bike and 1000 metres on the rower ,without too much difficulty, yes I have had recurring infections which have stopped my progress on a number of occasions, but after a further 8 week course or 4 week top up, I'm back up and ,,,,mmmm not quite running,,,,m,last year was a bad year for from January onwards,,,,,due to a virus that attacked my lungs,then I fell twice and smashed my hand then two fingers, so again was unable to exercise,,,,, I did another 8 week course that ended in December ,and even though I have got the start of an infection ( chest ) I went to the gym today and did 30 mins on the tread mill one and half Klm ,and just 3 Klm on the hand bike,,,,,I took it easy today building myself up slowly, ,,,,so if you get you the chance I can highly reccomend the rehab course, I'm 69 now ,and without the opportunity of doing these classes ,,,,,well I don't think I would be here today writing this to you, I have, copd ,asthma, emphasyma ,and chronic Bronchietis ,,,,,,,so if I can do it ,,,,,,anyone can, good luck ,

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I started mine today it's a mixture of exercise and education it is a course done over 6 weeks and its two afternoons each week.

We have a group of about 6 and it is run by physiotherapist although one person on the course should of stayed at home as he wont go on a tread mill or bike says its boring some people really get under my skin

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Couldn't agree more,,,,,they don't know what they're missing out on,

Hi Derek and welcome, i can only echo the sentiments you have already had, lots of great advice on here!! Kin XXx

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