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New year

A Very Happy and as Healthy as possible New Year to each and everyone Sorry for the delay,but have been very fortunate to have a break from the English weather and couldn't get the mobile to tune into this site. I don't post often but enjoy reading about all your experiences and have learnt so much. In fact today I quoted to the receptionist at the surgery, that in case she had not been told, as a patient with a chronic lung disease I should be able to see my named doctor!! It did help, my name has been put on my Drs. screen for a call from her tomorrow! Here's hoping she will agree to see me.

With best wishes that all your problems can be sorted easily in the coming year barnowl

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Thank you for sharing that information Barnowl, I was unaware that i could request a particular Doctor.

Do you know if this applies in all GP's surgeries? Ta Ruth :)


I think when you register with a practice you are given a doctor who you can opt to see or not. Luckily for me I like my named doctor but she is often fully booked, hence my quote to the receptionist. I believe that the Gov. guidelines for COPD, which is a chronic lung disease, states that the patient should have a named doctor and also a named respiratory nurse, so yes it woild apply to all areas. Have a go and see what transpires. barnowl

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Aww thank you so much Barnowl, very interesting, as it happens I really like one of the respiratory nurses - no disrespect to any one, but you just get used to a person, so will give it a go when i go for my check up this month :) Ruth .


A very Happy New Year to you too Barnowl. Envious of your warm break!! Xx


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