Hi dose any one know of any where I can get help with PIP form got it to day don't know where to start and it's got to be back by 19th January wich is not long iv got most of my paper work from doctors and hospital but don't know wher to stat I did see some think on here not long ago and they help u it cost but don't care as long as I get it filled in I am hose bound at the moment so all have to have some one there with me if I go out can not walk for hope some one on here can help as I know u always done so glad I found this site x

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  • Try ringing citizens advice bureau, they helped me. They also gave me a booklet that helped. Basically, answer every question, how you are on your worst day ever. Don't hold back. Also, especially when you get the home visit. Don't put a brave face on, and if you can have someone with you for support. Don't be afraid, if they ask you to do something, if it causes pain or discomfort then say no, I can't. If they drop anything, don't attempt to pick it up for them, let them get it themselves. Don't be polite and offer a drink, these are common tricks they use to assess your mobility. Hope this helps, good luck with it.


  • Hi lesley if you are housebound someone can come out from either CAB or disability help people to fill it in with you. You can also request a home visit from the assessors. x

  • Ring Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK can help. Good luck. X

  • Go to this web site and join


    it will cost aout £18 to be able to access their files properly, but they give you question by question guides on how to complete the PIP, how to appeal if unsuccessful, etc etc

    they are very good and held in high regard

  • having just done my Blue Badge renewal when I received my PIP form I found that most of the questions are similar. It is a tick box exercise. The first reply was very good. It is difficult to fit the questions to lung disease but tick the box then make it fit. I kept a seven day diary and realised how long it does take me to do things etc. I sent it with the form. that was 12 Dec. They told me it could be 28 weeks until an assessment but an assessor is coming to my house on this thursday. I will let you know how I get on. Good luck.

  • Good luck yes let us know how u get on with it did u ask for a home visit xx

  • Good morning Lesley61. well surprise surprise I had my assessment yesterday. The assessor had a cancellation and rang to ask if she could come yesterday instead of Thursday. She was an ex nurse, with mostly A and E experience. I hadn't asked for a home visit so I guess it was luck of the draw and post code lottery.

    She was supposed to do it in 45 minutes but spent three hours. The fact that I think is very important from our point of view is that she told me that the people at the DWP who make the decision have no medical training or experience. YES YOU DID READ THAT. Therefore it is important, especially with unusual and complex medical conditions that the assessor records absolutely everything and prevents it in the way which shows the impact of our conditions on our daily life and personal independance. She went item by item through the form and even picked up on difficulties I have or adaptations which I have made to my home which came out in conversation, but thatI hadn't put on the form.

    When it came to the physical tests which are frankly rubbish, I made a bad fist of it and she just said not to do it if it was difficult. In other words, don't bother to do anything. These tests are a trick. They bear no relation to the way in how lung disease exhausts and debilitates you but if you put your hands behind your head or lift one fit off the floor you are deemed to be fit. I felt really guilty because I would have loved to make her a cup of tea but had been advised not to show that I could anything.. So now it is down to the 'experts' at the DWP with no medical knowledge to try to pick holes in her report and make the points insufficient. Remember tax payers, we are paying for this nonsense.

    Anyway Lesley, good luck. I hope you get a home assessment.

  • 4 hours that's a long time I am going to try get on with my form to day good luck hope u get it keep in toch and let us know how u get on I will be dreading mine I am in a lot of pain with my arm did u have some one with u at home I got told to have some one with me so they can let them in xx

  • I didn't have anyone but it might be a good idea to have someone who can reinforce what you say about how your condition affects you. If you go to the door walk very slowly, don't make a cup of tea for them. If you are in pain make sure that they can see that you are and therefore refuse to do any of the physical things they ask you to do. Think of anything you have in the house which is either adapted or bought specially to help you.Incuding nebuliser, flutter valve. Think how long it takes you to get dressed. Eating is important. I often have no appetite, have changed the oven in my new house from one under the hob to one at chest height. My daughter or a friend often phones to check that I have bothered to eat.It is often exhaustion which stops me preparing full meals and often, if I cook it I am too tired to eat it. With us exhaustion aften puts the mockers on everything and you need them to know that this covers every aspect of the activities you need or want to do (including hobbies), having a shower, bending over, washing your hair. Then add to this other problems you may have. I had put in about my stiff shoulders and painful neck. I didn't think it was important but she said it added to my problems and limited my personal independance. If you can get your latest clinic. reports and a good letter from your GP it should help. Read them carefully first because if they say that you can walk 50 yards make sure that you emphasize that is 25 yards out and 25 yards in. Good luck, I am quite expecting to be turned down first time but we shall see. I hope that you get a good assessor who really listens to what you say and passes it on properly in their report

  • Hello Lesley61, If you are housebound ring your local council and they will give you advice on where to get help to fill in form. My local council has a benefits dept., to help and the local job centre often can help. Be careful of the tick boxes never say you can do something if you use aids or have help, and beware of the mobility bit if you get out of breath or tired or are in pain say you can't walk is my advice. Good luck in finding help to master the form. Some of the charities will fill in forms for you as well as CAB.x

  • Do you have a local breath easy group in your area mine put me in touch with a local charity who filled in my forms

  • Thanks guys think iv got it sorted now will let u know if I don't but going to get it sorted this week xx

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