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Anyone on Tocilizumab

I have had RD for approx 20years, my consultant recommended Tocilizumab infusions after Enbrel injections stopped working, but I have yet to discuss this with anyone at the clinic. I have been on various other medication such as MTX, Hydrox and had to come off those due to side effects. I would appreciate if anyone could advise if the infusions worked for them and how long it takes until they felt any benefit as I haven't heard of this medication before. I am seeing a doctor at the Rhuemy Clinic on Tuesday and I did check on google.

Many thanks, S

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I don't know what RD is but the drug you are asking about appears to be an American medication. You may be better off either trying to find someone who knows the English name for this medicine or by going to NICE and looking it up on their website. They will have info on all medicines licenced for use in England. I did manage to find that it is limited to special trials in Scotland but their NHS has different rules. HTH

Regards Rib


Hello Rib,

RD is Rheumatoid Disease, or RA, Arthritis. People have started calling it RD as it is easier for

other people to understand and not just think it is something only elderly people have.

Thank you for your response, I did mean to put it on NSRA website. I came on this website to try and find information for my sister who is having breathing problems and her GP and other doctors are unable to find out what the cause is. I did get some really helpful information for her when she next has an appt with her GP.

Many thanks, Sue


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