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Hi everyone,

Hope your all doing well. I ran across an article I thought may interest you. The lady asked what she could take for energy that wouldn't make her jittery. They said beet juice. I knew it lowered your blood pressure. But, it also delivers lasting steady energy without jitters. Compounds in this juice enable muscles to perform optimally with less oxygen, so more incoming oxygen can be used to fuel cells

and organs. Sample they mention;

Juice one carrot. One apple. and 2 beets for a tasty drink. Or you could buy beet juice. Sounds like a good safe thing to try.

What do you guys think?


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  • Hi Ruby, I think there a few members who drink beetroot juice. There was a discussion on it about 8 months ago ( , but I remember members mentioning more recently that they are drinking it (I think a blend similar to the one you mention). I reckon go for it if you like it! Cheersxxx

  • Got a link to the article?

  • I think you would have to eat it a lot before it makes much difference but beetroot is supposed to be very good for you x

  • The recipe in your post is excellent, Juice fresh each morning and drink before you have anything else to eat.

    I then do some exercise and have breakfast and tea after that.

    The juice builds up red blood cells.

    I recently bought a bullet juicer, easy and quick to use and the best thing about it,,, you don`t loose the fibre in the bullet that you lost in a Juicer.

  • Hi Tomc,

    I am thinking of getting the bullet.How is it? Is it easy to clean? Do you make other juices?


  • Sorry for late reply. Catching up on my beauty sleep.. ( that doesn't work ) UNLIKE THE BULLET... It is very easy to use and simple to clean.

    You can get a juicer recipe book from Amazon £4 .95.... and yes, I do a full range of recipe and some made up recipes.

    On a rating of 10...... I would give it 10 out of 10.

    Go onto Amazon and type in bullet or just type bullet into your browser search bar.

  • Sorry, Type Nutribullet into browser.

  • Thanks Tomc, I will try it.

    Sounds good!


  • type in bullet and you might get a knock from the anti terror squad :)

  • Haha, Offcut, It won`t be the first time I`ve been given the bullet.

  • Are you referring to the Magic Bullet (Nutra Bullet)? I has bought a Ninja but all the pulp makes it too think and discouraged me from juicing. If I water it down I feel that the quantity of actual juice is not much. I recently bought a juice machine and enjoy juicing (? Lol). But I lose the fiber. What ratio of water (?) do you use? Or what do you add. Basically, I juice two carrots, one beet, an apple and/or banana, and a bit of ginger, generally.


    Jay (Buggerhead is not my given name. Lol)

  • Thanks forbringing this up Ruby. I missed the other discussion and am excited at the possibility if being able to improve my oxygen retention. I wonder if the one's purchased in the supermarket have enough beetroot in them to be of benefit ? BTW, I have never eaten beetroot and always remove it from my plate in restaurants because I'd decided I didn't like it. Well I'll change my mind super - quickly now.

  • Hi Argana,

    I'm excited to try it too.Dont know if the beetroot from healthfood store is better, or juicing. I've been wanting to get the bullet juicer.Think I'll try it. How about you?


  • I'll certainly think about it too.

  • Yes it's definitely a health boost.

    My son used beetroot juice before competitive cycling events, as it's got nitrates which I believe increases oxygen levels, and I've used it as well.

    It was available neat in bottles from the main supermarkets from a company called James White Ltd, or should available direct from them.

    The only downside, apart from having red lips from the colour, is it can have a 'dioretic' effect soon afterwards for some people, so stay near the loo for a while !

  • Good to be aware of this Unicorn, thanks for the tip :)

  • Hi ruby red thankyou for the information on beet juice I know it is good for you, but didn't know about energy anything that can give you energy is certainly worth a try. Firework.

  • Hi Firework,

    I agree and will be trying it this week.How about you? What can you tell me about this manuka honey? (Besides its expensive! )

    What does it do for you? Do you use it?


    Ruby xx

  • What is beet juice Ruby? Is that sugarbeet or beetroot. Thanks Rib

  • Oh dear ! My husband has just come back from the shop with two beetroots. I prefer talking/researching things to actually doing them and spend weeks working up to any decisive action. But now I'm going to have to do something with the d*** beetroots. Help ! :)

  • Hey Argana,

    What did you do with the d*** beetroots? I'm like you, research and more research. I guess your husband is a man of action!


  • So far, I've looked at them and decreed that as they are already cooked and wrapped in cellophane that all the good nutrients are destroyed. Need to do more research :)

  • The new thinking is that juicers and smoothies are no good for us. Chopping, dicing, slicing veg and fruit is fine but juicing them or making them into smoothies, breaks them down and interferes with their sugars and fibre.

  • Yes, I've read this as well. So what are we supposed to do with the beetroot then ? Eat it raw ? :)

  • Hi Ruby,I love beetroot and eat it all the time,it,s an antidepressant apart from all it.s other benefits.D.

  • How do you eat it, Farmer D ? Cooked or raw ? Hope you are keeping well and staying off the steroids.

  • Hi Argana,down to 5mgs again so another infection just round the corner I expect lol.My wife gets the beetroot in the supermarket,usually pickled in sweet vinegar.We did try growing it but it did,nt work,not sure why.I find fresh beetroot very bland.Hope you are happy and healthy,oh and warm.Regards D.

  • Thanks D. Like you I have something simmering but by my standards I've been doing much better since my hospital stay for IVs in November. I think the Amitryptyline is definitely helping my breathing. I've been on it for 6 weeks now and can walk much further without too much sob. Maybe I only think it's helping but as long as there's an improvement, that's fine too. 5mg pred is pretty good for you considering the large doses you were on, so hopefully you can eventually get off it. Good luck with your upcoming appointment at The Brompton and all the best for 2015.

  • this is not a reply to above post, but I can't find my previous posts, nor the people I replied to..I'm now completely lost on this site... Yes, my brains are still intact (I hope!)

  • HI BENJIE123,



  • Go to your profile page. Click on 'User Activity' . . .

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