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Disability parking with a charity van!

I sent an email to a charity and got a reply that the email has been passed on? Without any reply to date I can only think they are having a longer break or maybe do not care?

This was not a British Lung Foundation Van!

I feel that it is important that I inform you of an incident noted on the 23/12/15 at approximately 15:00 at the Aldi Car Park in Bedworth. One of your vans was parked in the disability bays for some time and was not displaying the Disability Badge as required under the car parks terms and conditions! It was also noted that the driver did not appear to have any incumbencies to his health that justified him parking in the disability bay.

As a charity that has a genuine concerns to those less fortunate be them man or beast, I would of thought this would of been also a factor to those less fortunate in the human race! The bays are abused to much already by inconsiderate people. But for a charity concerned with care it seems that ease of parking was the only priority?

I wish your charity well for the new year but please make sure others less fortunate to have good health are considered!

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it happens all the time , if the stores employed some one to check on the cars parked in disabled bays it would help . my grandson was fined for parking in a disabled bay ,i can`t remember which store it was , but he does not park there any more


I know your son might not think it was but this is a pet hate of mine. supermarkets say they will try but rarely do.


Well written Offcut and I truly hope you get a proper reply. They should at least have the courtesy to do that considering one of their vans/drivers abused the use of a disabled bay. It really makes my blood boil when I hear things like that and people who do such things should hang their heads in shame.

At our GP surgery last year, I did actually get out of our car as Pete had nowhere to park and asked another car not displaying a blue badge but parked in a disabled bay to kindly move. Pete was alarmed but it worked and I got no abuse either. Result!

You take care and let us know if you hear anything from the Charity concerned. xxxx


Will do. When I was working a taxi parked in one to do his paperwork. I worked by this bay so was great to get near so I parked up by his side blew my horn a number of times. Showed him my badge and indicated put his up or move! To be fair he said sorry and moved. there was other normal clear spots next to it that annoyed me.

Be well


Hi offcut, I got a £40 parking fine for parking at my local hospital in the free 20 minute parking zone and I was in it for 24 minutes I displayed my badge but it takes a little longer to walk so yes I went over by 4 minutes, I'm not paying it , if I had abused the parking , no badge and was there for hours then yes but 4 minutes, although they do provide disabled parking it was too far to walk in my condition it was freezing cold and peeing down with rain, I had breathing problems which is why I was attending the hospital in the first place so annoying....

And when I do park in disabled parking bays the dirty looks I get off people ( mainly elderly I have to add ) make me sick just cuz I'm younger and my illness isn't tattooed on my head I deserve to use the space as much as they do, more often then not they seem fine also apart from being old ( sorry if that sounds disrespectful ) so I totally agree people who abuse these spaces should be reported. That's my rant for the day lmao. X Sonia x


Sonia I became severely disabled in my 30 ' s and I too used to get the evil eye from people, particularly the elderly, when I parked in disabled bays. Even when my Orange badge was placed on the dashboard it didn't dispel the look. There would be passengers sat in cars in the disabled bays looking as if it was obviously that I was going to get out and walk with just as much ease as their driver did.

I am sure a fair few were disappointed when my wheelchair was placed beside my open door before I slide out of my car.

As for your hospital fine, a similar thing happened to my wife. She took it straight to the desk and explained. They stamped the ticket and signed it and made a note of the ticket details and her registration number. The lady at the desk said that they wanted visitors to pay not people needing treatment.

BTW now that I am an OAP I make sure that I give the evil eye to young people. How dare they be young lol



Hi rib, the hospital have told me its a private company called " private eye parking " I have written to them explaining my situation so will see what happens.

Oh And ur the old man glaring at me lol. X Sonia x


Nah! Glaring needs two eyes. So it can't have been me. I permanently wink :-D


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Well done Sir. It is a constant pest. Just in December I have not been able to park due to similar type persons. A Royal Mail van in the 1 wide bay at our local Co-Op. A Medical Supplies van in 1 of the 3 wide bays. He got in a real flap. My carer had seen no option but to block him in while she got my wheelchair out and and then put the wheels on (during which he was back at his van) brought it around to my side of the car. Then walked to the rear offside to disconnect and bring my oxygen to the chair and fit it. Then get the pressure cushion and fit that. Then assist me out of the car and into my chair. Make sure I was comfortable and my oxygen mask reconnected to the tank.

An almost apoplectic man by now beating his hands on his steering wheel looked as though he would set his airbag off as my carer went to his van and announced that she would just pop me into the surgery in the warm and then she would move the car.

While my carer returned to move the car I added to his pain by complaining at the desk that I had been delayed in the car park because the delivery boy had parked in the disabled bay.

When my carer me she said that he was ranting how he was now running late and had only parked there to upload. To which she had replied that she had parked in the only place available where she could unload because she needed wide access and that as his cargo came out of the rear door he could have parked anywhere. If she had parked anywhere else she would have blocked the whole car park not just those two bays and shut her door. Rib

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If it was council land then a badge has to be displayed, If it is private land then it is terms and conditions of the land owner. But being compassionate to peoples needs is paramount! The van driver just showed arrogance.

Be wEll


Infuriating! Especially when you see young people hopping out of their cars and making a beeline for the entrance. This is even worse if it is the last disabled space. Complain to a manager who looks barely out of nappies and he says he will deal with it. Do your shopping slowly as this is how do now what with the oxygen and all. Then go back to your car to find the young people busily loading their car with a lorry load of shopping! By this stage you are too exhausted and fuming to splutter out your rage at them.

I digress again Offcut. I'm always getting carried away! Hope you get a reply to your very reasonable letter of complaint but I wouldn't hold your breath.


Nice to know that you have that amazing gift of being able to tell if a person is disabled, just by looking at them. Look after it because all the disabled charities spend so much time and money trying to point out the invisible disabilities such as angina, copd, etc and yet you are able to tell just by them walking by. Why didn't you approach this person and ask him? Are you aware, private car parks at supermarkets are just that, private. Their restrictions are not legally enforceable unless the prosecute you for trespass....hence you don't have to pay their parking fines, can park where you want without fear of having to pay a ticket etc. Oh, you will probably get a ticket through the post but they can't make you pay. Another point you may not have considered is the size of the parking bays. They make the slots just big enough for a reasonable sized car and a van just won't fit into one of those.

So there was a poor charity van driver, on Christmas eve, only doing the job because the dole office has told him to do under the work experience scheme and you decide you are going to loose him his chance. I do hope you had a good fulfilling Christmas and you get everything you deserve.

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Firstly I do not have any ability to detect disabilities and as I stated in the email "driver did not appear to have any incumbencies to his health that justified him parking in the disability bay." I was in my car and leaving but did see him walk extremely well and quickly to the van. I was to far away at that point to make any challenge to him.

However I am intrigued how you know it was because the dole office told him he has to do work experience and that is why he is driving the charity van?

You are quite correct that private parking in stores is on a contract as defined on their boards as Terms and Conditions. The payment they demand is in fact an invoice and can only legally be recovered in a court of law.

Mother and toddler parking bays usually wider have no legal standing in law but could be argued under the T & C's of the parking management.

UK Discrimination Law Review:

"The BSI British Standards, "Code of Practice for the design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people", recommends that commercial premises with designated off-street parking have one space for every employee who is a disabled motorist, plus 5% of the total capacity for visiting motorists and a further 4% should be enlarged standard spaces.

There is no guidance as to how the BSI Standards would be applied in the context of the Equality Act but they are likely to be persuasive and a good reference point for a Court as to what is reasonable provision. Certainly it is good practice to work to those standards and there is a degree of risk in being found to be in breach of the Equality Act if your business does not.

Awareness of the current demand for such spaces amongst your employees and visitors, and a means to keep that demand under regular review, is important to ensure your duties under the Act are complied with."

As you can see there is a ruling that disability bays are provided under the Equality Act.

I have been driving for over 44 years and have driven cars, large vans and small lorries. I was at one point driving 2000/2500 miles a week all over the UK for my work. I have picked up 3 parking tickets (going over time) in all that time and before I had a blue badge never parked in a disability bay ONCE!

Be Well

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In Answer to your reply

There was not a blue badge displayed.

It was not BLF. I have not mentioned the charity just it was a charity van.

There was no other disability parking bays available.

Neither shop had been asked if he could park there. I had asked.

I too do not look like the disabled label people assume you should look like.

I do have bee in my bonnet about Disability Parking but unless someone says something they will be abused more. I see 3 to six non displaying cars parked in one of there Tesco blue badge areas when ever I go. I do mention it to them and even spoke to head office who claim to be looking at how they can deal with it. My Local Asda do actually check that badges are displayed and issue tickets if not.

As you may see from some of previous posts I also put failure to display tickets on cars. that are not displaying the blue badge in private car parks.

it simply states below.

"Please display your disability badge. This facility has been kindly provided for the use of those that are in need of this space because it is close to the premises.

If you are not a holder of a Disability Badge then you are not showing any consideration to those that are not fortunate to be in good health or mobility, and should be ashamed of yourself for parking here. "

This I have seen work, I have seen cars about to park see the ticket and leave and park elsewhere.

Society is a little broken unfortunately so many do not care. letting people getaway from social responsibilities is something I will always have a voice on as I still hope it can be fixed.

Be Well

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We do not get disabled badges lightly. They are a privilege, for the young or otherwise, disabled person. The badge is my passport for use the of the bay.

I do not like blatant use of disabled bays. I, like everyone else cannot at face value tell if someone is registered disabled or not but I'm nobody's fool either.

I do not park in a disabled bay if I have forgotten my badge. Simples!


I applaud your calmness Offcut,I have steam coming out of my ears.Cornish Brian reminds me of the landlord( in Cornwall) who barred me for complaining that he,d turned off the jukebox one minute after I had put money in it there was still ten minutes drinking up time and I was the only for Tigger he seems to be on a different planet.Neither actually get the point.You keep up the good work.We need these spaces,blue badges are difficult enough to get .Well done sir. D.

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Hi thank U .

Im female

Thank U for saying I'm. On a different planet .

I think I removed my comment .

Thank U for that .


I apologise for getting your gender wrong,I had the name Brian in my head.However I still don,t understand why you seem to be "having a go" at some one for sticking up for genuine Blue Badge holders.There are far too many who have no regard for the less well off in this country.Why did you remove your comment?


I removed my. Comment

yes I was wrong and got the wrong end of the stick very sorry and

all of U my apologies.

Wasn't having a go as such I just got it wrong im sorry for that



Well,seems we all make mistakes,hopefully we can put our mistakes behind us and be friends again.Happy new year!D.


Happens all to often this abuse of disabled spots but for the BLF to abuse it is scandalous, come on BLF you have it handed to you on a plate Time Date and Place it is about time you brought the villain of the peace to book at the nursing home I have my own Blue Badge in case anyone (and they do) wants to take me out and they also have a communal one for both buses.


It was not BLF . I think my grammar as let me down here.


I have changed the text slightly to get away from the interpretation that I am implying it was a BLF VAN it WAS NOT!


Offcut, it's clear enough for anybody who wants to read it properly before sounding off. At no point did you imply it was a BLF van.


Hi, I also agree wwholeheartedly with Cornish Brian. I have recently got a blue badge but to anyone who doesn't know me I don't outwardly appear to be disabled. Knowing that people who I have never met are going to judge me and perhaps stop me and challenge whether I have the right to park in a disabled bay causes much anxiety and makes me reluctant to park where I am entitled. I work in a hospital so park in disabled bays there (otherwise I have a few hundred yard walk to my office which is uphill on the way back), but hate the feeling that I'm being 'checked out' when I return to my car.

Incidentally, if I was approached and asked why I'm parked in a disabled bay because I don't look as if I need to I would tell the person asking that it's none of their business - I have a blue badge and that should be proof enough that I'm entitled!


I have not said "The fact that people may not look disabled means they are not!" I stated that there was not a blue badge displayed and the gentleman concerned did not appear to have anything wrong? Was an observation I made to get a response from the charity concerned. You state yourself that you do not look disabled but have a blue badge, I can only presume you display this in disability parking bays? As they should be!

If anyone comments to me about me parking there I will happily show my badge with my photo on there to confirm this without any malice to the person that asked.

My email was sent 13 days ago with a promise of a reply? This has not happened to date.


Sorry Offcut' I don't understand your question regarding whether I display my badge in a disabled parking bay. Why would I go to all the trouble of getting one and not display it?

Would you ask someone who didn't have a parking ticket or maybe a young woman parking in a parent and child space but no child with her whether they had the right to park where they were? I doubt it, so why should someone who has a blue badge feel it necessary to prove to a complete stranger that they are entitled? I understand your frustration at the delay in a reply from the charity concerned but the 'unofficial' Christmas period only ended this weekend - a lot of people were on holiday over the period until today so perhaps there was non-one to answer or other emails, maybe asking for help, were prioritised over yours. You could always give them a call.


My Point to my email was the fact a badge was not displayed and the car park states that the disabled bays must display the blue badge. This was not done.

The use of mother and toddler has no legal standing however business's have to provide disability access and support to their premises as a legal requirement under the Equality ACT for it's staff and patrons. Which was previously covered under the Disability Discrimination ACT.

If I was a Parking attendant then I would ask why tickets are not displayed in standard bays, however I am not so I do not as there are usually empty bays about and are free where I shop. If I saw an elderly lady being robbed should I just think that the young person maybe needs the money more? As I have said many times I have a social conscience.

But as a disabled person that finds it hard to walk short distances, but has been given the blue badge to allow me to park closer to my destination. I will display the badge to prove I have the right to park in that bay.

The car park in question has 7 disabled bays and 10 mother and toddler?

I have said on my original post Quote: " Without any reply to date I can only think they are having a longer break or maybe do not care? " I am sorry that it was not clear enough.

Be Well


I'm sure we all have a social conscience we just don't all look at the world in the same way.


And that We both agree on!


I was recently staying with my daughter and we called in Ikea in the disabled bay was a sports car, I couldn't get in a car like that let alone get out of one I would have to be surgically removed.

We got out of our car and a couple came running up to this car which had a blue badge on the dash board got in a drove off that makes me mad


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