A Good Laugh (bottled)

Hi all you good people, I look forward to reading all your comments, it certainly helps when your having a 'down time' just to know your not the only one feeling ill, again.

I have a good friend who calls my 'down time ' Attention Seeking ! He gets me so mad , then we start laughing, and I feel more able to cope after a quick giggle or a good laugh

Best medicine in the world, pity it can ' t be bottled and on prescription!!

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  • Very true!! Xx

  • Hi June, you are so right, laughter is a very good medicine.

  • I always watch some comedy programs if I feel down :-D

  • That is so true a good laugh works wonders!

  • So true.

  • Very true June and laughter really is the best medicine. Keep laughing! xxxxx

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