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Chest infection... Help :(


Hi all,

I am a 20 year old female (21 three weeks today)

On Monday I woke up with what felt like a bowling ball on my chest and by tuesday I was bed ridden with a cough.

I got an appointment with a Dr on new years eve (she was a new dr I have never seen before)

she checked my temp and I had a fever and listened to my chest.

She said I have a chest infection which has triggered asthma (I have not had an inhaler since I was 8)

I am on 30mg of prednisolone, 1000mg of erythromycin (4X 250mg throughout the day) and a ventolin inhaler.

Last night I had the strangest feeling in my arms and thought I was having a stroke; my arms were very sluggish (from elbow to tips of fingers) and felt like dead weights , I also felt nauseous and very emotional.

After sleeping my arms feel perfectly fine but I am really struggling to breathe today, my chest feels really really heavy and I keep getting sharp stabbing pains at the top of both my breasts .

I am really concerned this is something more than a chest infection but I am too Ill to go to my gps office and feel stupid if I go to a and e.

I also have a third year university exam in 10 days and I am praying that I am well :( at the moment I can't even concentrate on revising... all my concentration iisometric trying to breathe :(

please help

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do you get pain when you take a deep breath? If so it could be pleurisy. Try to get a phone appointment with your doctor and explain your symptoms and prescribed medication. wishing you well. Iris x


Hi yer i was at doc's my self over same thing will be bad chest infection pain will be from coughing

If your arms keep going numb and still having trouble breathing ad go a+e

Have you noticed a blister rash on shoulders you have put down to cloths rubing

The meds your on prednisolone loosen all flued on ya chest so you can cough it up

I would advise you to ring your gp first, they may make a house call. But if not ring 111 and tell them your symptoms, it could be a reaction to a medication. If in doubt A and E is the alternative. Your health and your future are too important to worry about making a fuss. Please ring straight away. Take care

I have to agree with Knitter, phone 111. A & E is very busy at this time of year and you could face a wait of many hours so check with 111 first. I hope you feel better soon.

Bobby xx

Just one more post for emphasis. Definitely do NOT worry about making a fuss - breathing issues should always be taken seriously. The heaviness you describe may be part of the infection but should be checked anyway.

When i was waiting in A&E a few years ago, a man was making a huge fuss about getting his verruka seen urgently. REALLY! You are ill, so call 111 or go to A&E. Good luck :)

Hi Abie56, If you have any type of chest pain, you must go to A&E. I was having chest pains a couple months ago, and the doctor said he couldn't see me until I had been to hostpital and that I had to telephone for an ambulance straight away. because there is a time limit I think it's 10 hours from when the pain started for them to check for certain causes of chest pain. So go staight to hostpital and let them check you over. Take care nannyb xxx

I agree with 02 trees, you definitely need to see a Doctor at home, you need to look after yourself you have a long life ahead of you. Don't be put off by thinking your fussing, your not, your being sensible. Best of luck do the best for yourself honey.

Hi everyone, I phoned my gp and they managed to give me an appointment for this afternoon.

Complete waste of time :(

I told him absolutely everything and all he said was stay at home and finish the course of medication I've been put on :(

least my mind is at ease but he didn't seem to take much notice of me :(

he did say my fever has gone and there isn't as much rattling in my chest so thankfully it seems to be better?

Still got the tightness and heaviness in my chest and feel unsteady on my feet but I'm hoping it will pass eventually

Thank you for all your comments and advice

in reply to abi56

Hi, I am glad that you were seen by your GP promptly, and I hope the medication has started to work and that you are feeling a bit better.

Don't be worried though about going back if you feel you are not improving , especially as your exams are imminent.

Take care and best wishes for your future.

I'm afraid I cannot help medically but your story touched my heart. I would say try and get someone to take you to hospital or phone emergency service you seem to need urgent attention. Will surely pray for you xx

Hi, this is the first chest infection I have had in a very long time (since I was at least 10) but durdurinrimary school I was on an inhaler regularly and had chest infections regularly.

I did another peak flow test yesterday and got 360, but I'm still having tightening and trouble breathing .

I have been coughing up mucus (not so much now, but it is streaked with a bit of blood)

just hope I get better soon :(

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