A Happy New Year to all my dear friends

To you all. I hope that health, happiness and laughter will follow you around every day of 2015.

Myself and jimmy123 have some good news for you. We have located squirrel. He is living happily in Squirrel Village. He was taken there by The Squirrel Rescue Foundation. Me and jimmy have been to visit him, he is well and sends his thanks to all those who were watching out for him. We can't reveal where Squirrel Village is because there are concerns for his wellbeing. xxx

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  • Hi, MCO,

    A very Happy New Year to you as well. Hope that Jimmy didn't lead you astray :d while on your mission, but congratulations to you both in your success, and as long as 'Sandy' Squirrel is safe and well, we understand the need for his whereabouts to remain confidential. It may be in the future, he will need an new ID if he ever has to leave Squirrel Village, even briefly, for his own protection.

    Hope you are making headway in locating those responsible, and should they flee here, the coastguards, police, and local people are on extra vigilant guard duty around the coastal fringes of the island.

    I had to bribe them with extra nuts to ensure their total co-operaton, and will keep them supplied until necessary and the perpetrators are behind lock and key. !!! lol

    Happy to see we are all entering the New Year as nuttily as ever! :)

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Thank you hugs for taking so much interest in Sandy Squirrels welfare. Also, thank you so much for organising everybody for extra vigilant guard duty. I will have a chat with jimmy, I'm sure he will want to reimburse you for the cost of the nuts. Actually, with all the hard work you have done I'm sure jimmy will agree with me that when the villains are caught and sentenced you should be the one who gets the reward, which is a years supply of guess what? nuts.

    You know as we know who these villains are, and the sooner they are caught and dealt with the better.

    You are right, it's good to see we are entering the New Year as nuttily as ever.

    Take care. xxxx

  • Hi MCO, ( kinda like CEO lol)

    When the villians are apprehended any rewards must go straight to Squirrel Village, I insist!!

    Good work you two, but there is no sightings of the wanted ones here so far, but it is high winds now, so if they are trying to get here they will be seasick, and the mist is coming down, so they could try and sneak in under the cover of mist and darkness. I think setting off foghorns all around the island every 10 minutes should give them a bit of a fright, and now the beach ranger is keeping watch too, and everyone is equipped wth whistles, and handcuffs. Have also placed toy squirrels along the beaches to lure these squirrel jackers in. lol

    Going nuttily insane now,

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Greetings from the Cunard line. Sea is so calm. I have a cousin I need to visit in America. Send you a postcard! xx

  • Hi Huggs, should have checked your user activity before posting. Never mind, you are okay and that's what's important. Talk about going nuttily into the new year! LOL

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara,

    Sorry, I have only been online briefly and saw the squirrel post, so had to respond. I have not seen your postl, so will go and look at it now, and explain my absence.

    take care, and Happy New Year by the way.

    hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

  • Same to you Huggs with good health thrown in and a sizable lottery win wouldn't go amiss either! Big hugs to you.

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara,

    A sizeable lottery win would be great, and then we could all meet up together somewhere nice. I would love that. It would be fantastic.

    I forgot to say, besides lappy problems, and other situations, if I do manage to get online I cannot stay on long, as I have an infection in each eye which has made them swell up, so cannot see properly and therefore not stay online too long. I have been desperate to get into things all week, and now on my day when determined to catch up, I cannot stay on long. Hopefully by the weekend both problems will have been resolved!!!

    I have replied to your other post.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • That must be awful Huggs and so frustrating. Hope your eyes aren't sore and that you have something right there in your medicine cabinet that you can treat them with.

    Also hope that lappy of yours starts behaving or that you can get it repaired. Mine is going slow now too. Starting to get pop-ups and what-nots. Needs de-bugging methinks!

    Now wouldn't that be something. Winning the lottery and having a huge get-together. We could hire people to attend to our every need and be properly decadent. Well, we can dream and somebody has to win it!

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara,

    A few of us have discussed this before, like having a huge get together if one of us wins the lottery, but I will have to start doing it again!!

    I am not worried about my eyes Sara, its just a bit of a nuisance thats all. It started on Monday, saw the doc on Tuesday and got antibiotic ointment but has spread to my other eye meantime. if it gets too painful I put ice on it, which helps the swelling as well. They will be fine, but lappy needs a complete reinstall, which means everything is wiped off, and is restored to factory conditions, but I have everything backed up, so will not lose anything, unless there may be a few jokes or something but thats about it. It is just time consuming and will not get it back until Saturday, I don't think.

    Never mind, they are only minor matters, and just a nuisance.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • hi mustcarryon :D on no account should the whereabouts of squirrel village in "nutstown" is!! :D

    otherwise they'll all be wanting in lol :D [ill be the first probably lol :D ] jimmy xxx :D

  • you are right jimmy, we must never reveal the whereabouts of squirrel village, nutstown.

    I'll be right behind you. Take care xxxx

  • You to Mustcarryon, and keep those squirrels happy! Love Kin Xx

  • Thank you kininmonth. We will do our best to keep the squirrels happy. xx

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