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An Ode For Coughalot's Party

I bring to you from Duhickydoo

Aka AzNin/Azaard D'Az Poet 'O' the North

An ode I hope you all like

To Coughalot1

The years not quite begun

Put him down


Meganell pink frilly dress and carnations

Band playing Jazz,

Drinking Tia Maria

Sounds very Bazaaz !

Newlands in a black evening gown

Bag and booties to match

Plus a Harrods hamper to boot

At which I certainly won't pass

It's something that's definitely a catch

Sonia (1972) in a posh onesie

A sight you really must see

UB40 a great choice

Hope she's still got a voice

Unlike mine, it's gone back to sea

And she's not swapping the WKD for PG

RibvanRey likes their music of their day

It's just their own particular way

My own choices are eclectic

But I don't like scream and shout

But as far as Des O'Connor's concerned

I agree with Russ Abbott

All he's good for is catching trout

Pollyjj you're shameless

Like Cleopatra all draped in gold

Being fed grapes on the sofa or so we are told

There is a man who is coming home

But will he do as he is told

Just like Mark Anthony

Brazen and bold

Stone have you gone nutty

Squirrel Turkey and Pig

But the Fosters etc should have us doing a jig

As for friends across the pond and our friends down under

Some of them love their Coors

And the others Malawbrawonga' (Kangaroo p**s) Catlemaine XXXX

Butterfly you're bringing lobster from the Maine

I've got a sauce for that it's totally insane

It'll frazzle and dazzle and blow out you're brain

It's original Cajun Bijou

Beluga caviar salty and sleek

It slips down so graceful

But it's not for the meek

Vintage Champagne Don Perignon 52/53

Will do at a push

But a Bollinger Grande Arnee 53 will suffice

Dozy Dormouse is coming in her little killers

And believe me when I say

This Mouse is no xmas stocking filler

Bucks Fizz and smoked salmon

And I'll bet there's chestnut butter

And she won't need big furs to keep her toasty and warm

Cos this little Dormouse

Will have Royalty on her arm

(Just hope it ain't Wingnut)

Scorpiolass sounds like she has a bit of a sting

But the Monsoon black maxi seems just like the thing

You'd better ring Chatsworth

Not Castle Howard

Cos this silly bugger called Howard is out

Bulpit our Cough will avail you a really comfy chair

Up by the fireside so the flames you can stare

Reminiscing of childhood

And great memories to share

Janann(25) so the wardrobe aint posh

None of us will really give a tosh

But now Sceaming Hot Pink from YSL

Shoes from Christian Louboutin

Oh what the hell

Go lay out the dosh girl it's only New Year

So do it in style Go ring your bell

NgaineM may I say and if I may dare

I bet you were a wild one

In your heyday

With baubles and bangles and flowers in your hair

You sound like a Hippy Chick

Definitely not square

Jeanielee you're something so smooth

Sweet soul and motown just the thing for a groove

But a frock over Wranglers dear girl what a waste

Stick to Ben Shermans, Wranglers and DM's

And don't forget the fella to take with you to the cellar

And as for getting in the party and the things you have to do

I bet in your time, you done quite a few

JimmyW123 You're always a laugh believe you me

With carting Old Glenfiddich and it getting to your knees

And your kilt o' aflying and your Sporran feeling the breeze

You'll need that chair by the fire

If it's only your sporran to de-freeze

(Eyes I wouldn't if I were you)

Cos your liable to find

A big Nicknacky Noo'

Xris green velvet so warm

You'll feel like you're in heaven

Sparkling tiara shiny and bright

Will see you through this New Years night

No walking Christmas tree will you be

Cos you can sing along with Tony

Whilst sitting on his knee

(Albeit there is no Mrs Tony)

Sassy59 You and Pete I am sure Cough will greet

TU clobber or not GT for you is neat and I am sure

If Pete's sweet, I'm sure a Cognac and Port won't harm

Vashti at this time of year

Fluffy slippers are in, but trackies are out in the bin

But please bring the Sloe and the tin

And himself you must bring

To this party by our one and only Coughalot1

Celat06 my God what a mix

Marylyn and home made Rum truffles

Trifle with Sherry enough to keep us merry

Bubbles in jelly galore

But please leave Elvis with the wobbly pelvis at the door

But the Rat Pack Etc

Please More

Travelbug I'm sorry to say, Cliff's no longer ofay

With the guys that he had to back him

The shadows have gone and I hope Cliff falls from

his pedestal of self ego I'm sorry

But the jokes are a first and with luck we will burst at the puns

And the funny bits that you say you miss

Dragonmum now that is class to you we will raise a glass

Of whatever comes our way

I hope that your driver has got a spare fiver

Or a lady Godiva (not bare)

If he's coming in the cellar with us

Undine you're a person that's fine

Your taste in music is like mine

You are not on your own

You have someone here that holds you very dear

Psorias from King.Com

She is called I_am_iamnins_nin

Aka Anna from healthunlocked or BLF it's Nin

And to all those not here

Lift a glass of good cheer

Be they lost or up to something else

We wish you all a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

New Year one and all

Nin's in her best

Red sparkling new Jim Jams and a shiny new vest

Me I'm in T.shirt, trackies and new slippers (cheapo Shoe Zone Best)

And a can of Aussie best, and Nins got a Vodka and the rest

And just for our host the Cough with the most

We wish you all the best

Don't fall of the stool in the pub like a tool

Or blubber into your pint


IT'S Blooming New Year

So enjoy all the cheer

Happy New Year

Come on 2015 Lets do your Best

Azaard D'Az Poet 'O' the north

aka AzNin

p.s. Nin did all the typing

42 Replies

That's brilliant! What a great party, thanks Cough for your kind hospitality a perfect end to what had been a tricky year for many of us and a giggle to start the New Year. Happy New Year everyone and thanks to Azaard and Nin x


Happy New Year to you and we wish you all the best for this year



You are welcome chuck. Glad you had a good time. xxx


Love it & the party; listening to queen, raising a glass & enjoying the fireworks . Happy new year all got to go we will rock you, can,t keep still . Love mx

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It was a good party, hope that is Queen as in 'We will rock you' not the Royals Happy new year :)



'We are the Champions' all of us :) xx



Very very good.

Mean while Down in the cellar with,

Have a very good new year


NOOO !!!! LOL that was cruel, we hit the link and suffered - Cellar? You going in the vault never to be opened again, enjoy your new year in that Vault, will pipe the old trout down to keep you entertained



This is more like New Year, Fantasy and Fireworks

Ooops link not gone blue ??



Noooooooooo Des..... No invite for you next year stone :d xx



I've gone from the cellar to the vault. If I go any further I wiil celebrating with Wendells down under.


" Awesome party!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! For 2015!!!! ..Yeah!!..Megan.."


You too Megan. Xx


" Awe Thank you i_am_iamnins_nin..Wow! your name is a mouthful, Hehehehe! thats why i waited till the Tia Maria had worn off so as to be able to say it...But!!! ...You Too!!..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!....i_am_iamnins_nin


Lol it really is tricky, you can just call me Nin :)


I just loved the ode - a great way to start a New Year!! Yep, the party was great (what I can remember of it, Shouldn't have mixed my drinks he he). Here's to a happy and healthy new year. xxx


Don't think you were alone trying to remember lol :)


Wow, what a night! Am still recovering - erm from the poetry not the bubbles


So are we lol :)



Wonderful AzNin, what a team, You really should have read it at the party, Did you manage to get some of Vashti's sloe gin, The fire works were gorgeous, what a party, Wonderful to meet everyone, I am sure no one refused your invitation, Have a Happy New Year, Stay safe, Bulpit


Haha think you must have had a drop of Vashti's sloe gin, we read it at the party, just before those fantastic fireworks :)



Oh no NinAz, So sorry I missed the poem being read at the party, I guess you are right, what with Vashti's sloe gin, and the heat from that wonderful fire must have made me drop off for a few minutes, The fire works must have woken me up. I am ashamed to say, I don't remember how I got home.very best wishes Bulpit.


Happy New Year xx


And to you Bikergrove



That was great really enjoyed reading that this morning.

polly xx


Glad you liked it Polly, :)

NinAz xx


Brilliant ode, sums up the party wonderfully, and what a party it was!!! I think I'll need a week to recover, but boy, was it worth it. The drink was flowing, the food delicious and the company amazing. The best party ever, so thanks coughalot for your warm and friendly hospitality.

Wishing all my HU friends a very happy, hopefully healthy, and peaceful new year, and hope you achieve all you desire.



Twas a good party wasn't it? I am still recovering! Glad you enjoyed it so much Christine love :d xx


Azzard, that was great

Happy new year



Happy new year to you too Dorothy

NinAz xx


Azzard, that was great

Happy new year



Oh Az that is brilliant and another classic poem from 'the poet of the north' thank you :d Love to you and Anna and I wish you both a happy New Year and may you both have many more years together. Luvs ya both lots. Coughalot xxx

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We loved your party Cough, hope your new year is going well

Love you too

NinAz xx


It will just be another year same old s.... :d xx


That was funny! Great wit Aznin. You will have to nominated be our Poet Laureate now. You never know what you're getting into when you post on here!


Haha he been a poet on here for a couple of years, do a member search on 'Azaard' and see some of his past creations. :)

Have a great new year butterfly

NinAz xx


Can anyone help me please. I woke up this morning and I don't know where I am. I have only got 1 shoe and 1 earring. Necklace and bracelet gone. My handsome prince turned into a pumpkin and I'm all alone. I have my phone but Mr Dozy is not answering because I didn't take him to party. Coughalot Ninaz help me get home my tail is cold. :(

Love Dozy x

PS loved the party it was great and the poem is awesome x


Hope the taxi turned up, that we booked you Dozy, and that the slippers we sent with the driver fitted Ok. Sorry about your lost jewellery, perhaps Cough will find it during the mass clean up :)

Very best to you for the new year

Love from Nin and Az xxxx


Thankyou taxi and slippers lovely and warm. Found missing jewels in my shhhh (knickers). So all is well. Big hug sent to you both. It's a little bit chocolaty and alcoholicy but very good for what ails you. Happy New Year to you both lots of love Dozy :) xxx


Very good, hope you managed to get some Beatles in!! So sorry to have missed the party, did'nt have a thing to wear!! Love Kin Xx


You were missed, sorry you didn't make the party. A very happy new year to you Kin

NinAz x


Wonderful Happy New Year x


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