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Happy and healthy new year

Wishing you all that you wish for yourselves

I haven't been posting on a regular basis,had a few problems along with health ones .sometimes i find it overwhelming so my resolution is. Strength and courage

You all have been so supportive when I cry help.practical or/and emotional...indeed I suggested to my g.p. That he would learn a lot by logging on

Anyway have a lovely time at the "bells "best wishes for 2015

In my thoughts

Nellie xxx

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Happy new year Nellie . Xx sonia xx


Wishing you well Nellie and all the best for the coming year. xxx


" Nellie! wishing you a wonderful and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!..Megan."


Happy New Year to you Nellie hope it is a good one x


Happy New Year Nellie x


Thank you all for your kindness.wishing everyone a good new year in all areas of their lives.

Kindest regards...nellie x


Thanks Nellie wishing you the same. Take carexxx


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