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not the dreadful one, thank God


My doctor phoned me the result of the sputum test. She thought,that it would be pseudomonas as in the past. fortunately, the microbiologist found that it was Moraxella Catharrhalis. My doc told me I could google it. I saw on, that if affects the ear (otitis) it can give meningitis, and pneumonia. I suppose this is a sort of pneumonia that I have. I've got Clarithromycin. It's also dealt with Erythromycin. cyproxyn is also a help. Azythromycin is this strong drug you only take 3 days in the week, which is like a ten days of Clarithromycin.

I still fee very cold in the morning. BUT, I had a wash this morning! Mm! Smells nice! and I've eaten a little bit more. I've got tons of Indian meals and curries, and Chinese sweet and sour , so I'm OK for food! I Hope to be my smiling self very soon. Happy new year to you all. Mic xx

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Delighted you got good results Mic and are getting your appetite back. You had a bit of a scare there.

Hope you have a healthy and happy New year too!

Sara xx

helingmic in reply to butter-fly

Hahaha! I'm not scared, just full of pills! have a good year to, Sara Butter-fly!

butter-fly in reply to helingmic

Have a rattling new year then Mic!

wishing you well very soon Mic. Hope the abs don't disagree with you and you keep your appetite. I coughed some blood this morning but ok since. Drops me right down in the dumps for a while. so cold, daren't go out but bored indoors. Very Happy New Year to you and yours, love Iris x

helingmic in reply to Lyd12

Iris, not ony do I find it so cold, especially when I wake up., I find no energy. I cringe at washing myself, for that I have to get undressed! I take a little bit of breakfast, but don't feel like eating; then my nebuliser and my tons of pills on top of the ABs. Men have prostates which is like a scarf. When it swells, the scarf tightens, difficult to pass urine. Hence the medicine for the free flow, the ralzing and the shrinking! I went back to bed this morning. The candle will not burn late tonight iether.

When we see things like blood, our mind runs into de[ression. I hope it was only a little bit. Still scary. Hope you feel better soon.

Good news mic, glad you're eating more. Here's to you feeling better in the new year.


I hope this inreturn to you Nin, A good healthy new year!

Thank you mic :)

Glad things not quite as bad as first feared Mic and feel lots better very soon. Take care. Happy New Year. xxx

helingmic in reply to sassy59

These are lovely words Sassy, I appreciate them! Mic XX

So glad your feeling a little better Mic and slowly getting your appitite take care of yourself...and all the best for 2015. Pegxx

helingmic in reply to pegbl

Thank you, I'll do my utmost, Peg, Hugs for the new year, only virtual, not bacterial! Cheers, Mic.

Thanks for the virtual hugs Mic take those any day, ha ha Cheers to you and your very nice lady. xx

Good luck with the healing Mic. Take good care and keep eating to keep your strength up. Sending love and good wishes for 2015, and the return of your health :) x

Was the loss of appetite due to the antibiotics are did it start before the AB? Sure wish you a speedy recovery, return of your appetite, and a Happy New Year.

helingmic in reply to jackdup

It was due to the bug. But as soon as I repel it with the appropriate drug, I feel hungry again! Sainsbury's has provided me wiht lots of prepared meals, curries, sweet and sour, the things that let water come into my mouth! i do have diced turkey that i used in home made salads with lots of garlic (an antibiotics). It must get better!

Wishing you a speedy recovery, mic. Work your way through those curries to keep your strength up.

helingmic in reply to Nanny49

Thanks! I can invite you for a meal, haha! Big thanks, Nanny49.

That's good news Hellingmic, hopefully you will feel much better in the next few days. Judging from your post you sound a lot better already. Hope 2015 is a good year for you

helingmic in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you. I am already concentrating on learning to play the flute, a few strident whistles, but I'll get there too!

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Happy new year. X

helingmic in reply to Shocked1

Thank you very much shocked1 (where did you pick this nickname from?)

Thinking of you Mic in this freezing weather,stay in bed where it,s nice and warm,good luck fighting the bugs.D.

helingmic in reply to FarmerD

Hm! I did this for a couple of days, when it was freezing and my body was too. But I couldn't stay long in bed! Must do things, like learning the flute (happy is my neighbour who is deaf!)

Chicken curry more likely! But I always have a little salad with a couple of garlic in it.

I feel definitely better. Thanks for the encouragement to this old hand :-)

Hi there

My nickname was chosen by exactly how I was feeling at the time when I was diagnosed just over a year ago now. Hope your feeling better. X

helingmic in reply to Shocked1

I do thanks. I still have pneumonia, but it is clearing. i still have sinusitis, because it's the same bug that causes it. But I am up and about, wanting to do things - like playing my flute!

Have a good New Year.

Ahh that's good news. Take care of yourself and happy new year to you too. X

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