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Help please for very sore ears


My mother is on continual oxygen and the tubing is making her ears terribly sore .i am trying to find some foam tubing to cover the oxygen tubing with no success.can anyone help please

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Hi, her oxygen supplier should provide them. I phoned my partner's supplier, Dolby Vivisol, and they posted some, free of charge.

Thanks Sniffs

my sister has already asked them and they havent sent any ....we will try again ...had hoped to find some on line in the meantime

best wishes


Hi :) I did a search and found this -

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Thank you so much .i failed to find any in the uk ..just American sites

very grateful

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your so welcome :)

I tried the foam ones myself and they didn't work. The hospital prescribed Proshield. It did work. I don't use anything now as they seem to have settled down and I don't get soreness any more.

Thats really helpful .i will pass that on to my sister and mother

thank you

I can send some foam ones if you want. :)

Thats very kind of you to offer but i have now ordered some on line as suggested by Eyes a couple of days ago

my problem with the pipes is the lines on my cheeks takes all day to wear off sometimes my face looks really scared

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