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like pins in needles

hi every one happy new year to you all hope you all had a good Christmas

well I did and I didn't christmas night and boxing day I didn't feel good I felt like I have been on the booze all night which I haven't funny thing is I could not drink I was having like pins and needles in my feet every time I walk and when I turn it made me feel light headed like I been on a round which go around and round and when you get of you feel everything is going around and around very slowly and my breathing gets worse took me 2 days to get over it its not the first time it only happens when I get stress after a night out working to hard I use to do keep fit a lot cant do that now I have try to do it when I lay down on my back and try to do sit ups its not the sit ups its the laying on my back that hurts me it feel like my ribs are breaking in half more I try the more it hurts then I cant breath and I have to get up I use to do keep fit 5 days a week I am a slim person just dont no what is going on is there any body having something like what I am having? xxxx

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Can't help you with the symptoms Penney1825, but sounds like it could be circulation so you need to see the doctor. Diabetes can cause this kind of thing too so it needs investigating to rule out sinister possibilities, glad you feel a little better now. Have a happy new years day and healthy 2015

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thank you xx


Katie is right, you really should be telling this to a doctor. Or, if you're in the UK you could give the helpline a call? 03000030555, 9-5, Mon-Fri.

It could be a mixture of ailments. I know I got terrible pins and needles plus cramps in my feet when I was on Seretide 500 2xdaily. That has disappeared on lowering the dose. Also drinking tonic water for the quinine helped enormously whilst I had it.

As for the feeling weird when turning your head? I also had something similar, it was labarynitis (and I was extremely fit & healthy at the time). My sister has a more severe form and felt dreadful, very ill and it was diagnosed as vertigo. Betahistine was px for both if us and sis is like a new woman. I've not had it for a few years but the minute I do I shall go to the doc.

So you see, you really must contact your gp and get yourself sorted out before you have a nasty fall like my sister did.

Good luck on getting diagnosed. P

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thank you for your help I will get my self sorted out after the new year xxx


Hi Penney 1825, In the 1st instance you should consult with your Doctor.

Some 5 years ago, when I was still able to work, I experienced similar symptoms to what you describe.

I can only say that the conclusion the Medical Professionals came to in my case, was that it was stress related. (Pins and needles,Light-headed, palpitations).

Take care.


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