Have I been in a fight?

Well this morning I woke with the need to visit the little room. I turned the light on to see a Face covered in dried blood? I had not been out not drunk to much? I had no pain anywhere other than what is usually there?

It was obvious it had come from the nose and proceeded to run over my face and neck? This is were it got strange I went back to see the carnage on the pillow and bed but there was only a few spots? for those squeamish miss the next paragraph.

I needed to blow my nose and that produced a 4cm clot! but did not bleed again which I expected, but at least I would be awake to deal with it.

I used to suffer heavy nose bleeds in my younger years but had one so bad they had to cauterize the blood vessel that broke ( there is a funny story to be told about that day) I have suffered bad headaches and migraines but after they cauterize it they are more prominent now?

Any one had this and been told why?

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How frightening for you Offcut. I have never experienced anything like this but I am sure others will be in soon who have. I hope you can get it sorted love. Take care. xx

I have my visit to GP on Katies reply

No I have not had this Offcut, thank goodness, it sounds scary. I hope you are all ok now. Happy New Year, Margaret x

it is certainly strange chest is tight to day too?

Could be a sign of something lurking in the back ground Offcut but let's hope not. Pete bleeds from various places (don't ask!) but not often so have no idea what is going on with you either. Do let us know how you get on and thinking of you. xxxx

I am on warfarin but have been since 1992 so not sure it could be that. I now have a stupid cough and a very sore chest and throat?

I would get a check up. It sounds as if you have an infection. Take care, Love Lolly. x

I have a throat tube viral infection

Get it checked out and hope you feel much better very soon. xxxx

Sorry Offcut, no idea, but i think you need it sorted!! Xx

Been to docs got a viral infection

Offcut that sounds like the latest bug that's going round, nip it in the bud or it will make you very ill. It's some sort of throat bug that's been going round since November. Hope you manage to keep it to the minimum. xx

I went to GP today (wife booked me in as soon as they opened) I do indeed have a viral infection in my throat and bronchial tubes. It was a GP I have never seen before but she did read my notes. She asked me about my ICU stay and treatment to say "Wow you were lucky to survive?" Well that cheered me up? Then she said "We have had a letter from your consultant which we do not understand he is saying he wants one of you heart tablets changed but does not say to what?" I had to explain that he recorded/dictated to his secretary to get me an appointment urgently to get me off beta blockers and on to calcium channel blockers while I was there? I have only ever been on these for a short time and they took them off me, but I cannot remember why?

She then went to ask me for a blow in the peak flow which I do at home and told her it is 350 at rest the same as my O2 is 96% at rest, but they both drop on minor exercise ,cold weather etc.

It was then she said I have brittle lungs and even though my infection it is not bad today if it drops I must get in to see a Doctor and you will be seen by someone here or go to A&E!

Not long after getting home I had a coughing fit and bought up copious amounts of slime! I feel like my chest has been jumped on and my throat has been glass papered so keep on plenty of fluids. Maybe hot whiskey honey and lemon or 2.

Be Well

The last sentence sounds like the best idea to me offcut and keep warm xx

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