Nigella seeds or black cumin

Hi everyone I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I had read much about this Nigella I've been taking it now for 3 days and have found a little improvement on my breathing, and mucous is easier to cough up,It is supposed to take time before you feel the benefits but so far so good I'm impressed. I bought the oil,but found the taste yuk,so i tried the seeds,the best way is to warm them in a frying pan taste as they get warmer and the flavour is much milder. I then ground the seeds to a powder and mixed it with the best honey you can afford,take a teaspoon in the morning and 1 at night. What I do is mix it with hot water lemon and extra honey. I've tried many different types of herbal treatment but do far this is the best,well worth trying. I will update in a week and see if it gets better :-)

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  • very interesting ihavecopd, keep us updated.

    where would you get nigella seeds ? maybe the health shop :?

    i could do with something like that at the moment myself

    jimmy :)

  • Hi Jimmy I'm sure you could get the oil which is equally as good in Holland&Barrett and the seeds I'm not sure about they are known as black cumin seeds. I'm English and live in Morocco and go to the herbalists here, if you have any Asian shops nearby maybe they could help.If no luck get back to me and maybe I could send you some :-)

  • i've just phoned my sister, shes going to the shopping centre, a good distance from here [not as far as morocco though :D ] theres a Holland and Barret there, so shes going to try get the oil or the seeds. i will let you know if shes able to get it,,, its worth a try anyway ,, many thanks jimmy :)

  • I googled nigella seeds, ihavecopd, and one site said they have been renamed black onion seeds. Do they taste oniony? I have some at home which a friend left here so might try your recipe as it sounds brilliant.

    Something a naturopath told me to do a long time ago was to cut up on onion as small as possible and put it in a jar with a dessertspoon of honey and leave it until the juice comes out of the onion; then you drink a teaspoon of the juice every few hours. I think you can add garlic in too, so its a bit pungent to say the least.

    So if the nigella seed is actually onion seed, then it would be a similar treatment. But i like the idea of grinding the nigella so i'll try that. Many thanks for posting this, happy new year to you :)

  • Hiya i don't think they are the same but well worth the try. The black cumin seeds taste a lot like oil so if you dry fry them 1st it tastes much nicer :-)

  • Many thanks :)

  • Your very welcome, from what I've read the results look promising time will tell, anything is worth a try :-)

  • Hi here is a good link to the Nigella seeds

  • I've read a lot about cumin's anti-inflammatory properties. Maybe I'll try this too, thanks for sharing your tip with us.

  • Great tip keep us posted x

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