Turkey plucked

As I live alone I usually don't trouble much with Christmas. Quite happy to have sausage, egg and chips or something similar. This year, however, I've decided to do things properly... Turkey, roast spuds, sprouts and so on. Got hold of a small turkey through a friend, and have spent ages plucking it. Never done it before... What a palaver!! Feathers everywhere...still, it's done now, so all that remains to be done is to kill it then cook it. ;-) Very best wishes to you all, Bernie

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  • Lovely to make the effort Clock! I have never plucked and dressed a turkey so you are one up on me!! Just think you can do what you like when you like, watch TV of your choice!! Enjoy, much love Sheila Xx

  • Hi Sheila... Just as you responded I was busy editing my post, to make it more clear that I was joking. T'would be very cruel to dress the turkey before killing it! But thank you so much for your kind words. Bernie.

  • Aye, it would be cruel, but only to the turkey

  • Ha ha good one...Merry Christmas

  • That's a good one. It's good that you've decided to have a Christmas meal, you'll be having your five a day. enjoy it and your day. xxx

  • LOL Happy Christmas xxx

  • Merry Christmas clock 65

  • Ha ha got it first time round and it did make me giggle. Enjoy you Christmas dinner. Best wishes June

  • Merry Christmas Bernie ha very funny x

  • Wonderful Clock, really made me laugh, Happy Christmas, Bulpit

  • Enjoyed that. Have a nice day. Joyce

  • lol didn't expect that ending!

  • Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your dinner x x x

  • Thank you Bernie for the funny quip to start the day, have a good Christmas day:)

  • Don't forget the Orange up it's nether regions lol, :D

  • Don't forget the Orange up it's nether regions lol, :D

  • LOL happy Christmas Bernie!

  • That made me smile,I was visualising the feathers,lol enjoy the fruits of your labour,have a good day.

  • Hi Clock (Bernie), A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. You made me laugh, poor turkey, you should know better - lol. A shame you are on your own, isn't any charity group organising a communal dinner where you could be with others who would otherwise be on their own? Anyway, enjoy your meal and have a good day. Love Lizzy x

  • lollollollol so funny lollollol

  • You and eightyplus have made my day Bernie!

    I'm kinda glad you didn't decide to have roast beef though for your Christmas dinner!

    Have a good day.

    Sara xx

  • Very good :d Just don't end up saying 'gobble gobble' afterwards x

  • HaHa! Enjoy your day, Bernie - it's a lovely quiet day and for once, no buses, lorries and traffic outside my door! Happy Christmas to you my friend. Stillmovin1

  • Hope you enjoyed your dinner Bernie; we have just eaten the turkey & clearing round waiting for the Queens speech. Shame she has to work Christmas day! Not us though eh? Margaret

  • What a "breath" of fresh air you are!!

    Thanks for the chuckle and hope it turns out tasty.

    Merry Christmas and happy. new Year!!


  • Good for you and enjoy your Xmas. Sending love and best wishes.

  • Ha ha. You're supposed to kill it first. That's why it was so hard to do. X

  • h ha got it the first time :D brilliant :D :D jimmy xxx

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