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It's Here!

Well it's here

Once again It's that time of year

When we're all supposed to

Be full of cheer

But to me!

It's all still Bah Humbug

Nin's done her best

To change my mind

And I've done mine

To make our home

Full of festive shine

But to me it still feels like Bah Humbug

It irks me

Right down to my root

Cos it all starts september

So by the time it's heritage all feels so moot

I just want to give it the boot

So it really feels like Bah Humbug

Plus January sales in November

Easter Eggs in December

And as for holiday sales

I just give up

So you see it really is Bah Humbug

What happened to it being

All about the kids

And Jesus Christ being

Born in a crib ( manger)

And grand children throwing snowballs

In frozen Woolly Mitts

That's why I think it's all Bah Humbug

But Merry X-Mass

One and all

And a happy New Year

I hope will call

And I'll start the ball rolling

By just saying this

Here's wishing you well

For next year's easter

And also the fall (autumn)

See what I mean it's Bah Humbug

Have a good one everybody

Azaard D'Az

( Poet 'O' D' North)

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Bah humbug well where are they? This little mouse is partial to a humbug. Sorry getting all gassed up to go drinking. Merry Christmas x Dozy x


Oh you wonderful poet you! You paint a picture with words so you are really 'the Banksy of the North' :d I am also bah humbug and wish it was all over. Have a good time anyway Az and Nin too. Love xxx


Ho ho my hubby's a bah humbug too! Enjoy. Love Sheila Xx


Bah humbug and a merry Christmas too x


Another bah humbug here too, just enjoy the day,let's remember it's a special birthday.


Definitely a bah humbug in this house!! Although I do like the chance to drink without the hubby moaning too much!!


Have just put a post on for all us bah humbugs :d You are all welcome to join... x


Not a bah humbug me. I love Christmas. Been spoilt with sooooooo many presents. Each one I am so very grateful for, as so much thought and love has gone into them. I am about to be very very blessed with a wonderful Christmas dinner too, so many people in the world wont be.

Have a lovely Christmas day, and loads of love to Anna.

xx xx xx x xxx


Thanks Tedthebear. Hope you are enjoying Christmas. Loads of love to you too xxxxx

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You know, I think Az's Bah Humbug is a load of hot air, lol. He thoroughly enjoyed Christmas day with his Grandkids. We had a very Christmassy day. We are now home, and Az Is busy cooking the Turkey (he bought a massive one) and turning the stuffing seasonal by adding cranberries. And all the while he's whistling the tunes to Christmas songs. Lol. Bah Humbug my foot. :D :)

Nin x


Nah!!! Still Humbug, just got brainwashed by all the X-Mas gumph i've had endure since September. Now it's bleeding Easter Flipping Bunnies and Blinking Caribbean Holidays or Family breaks at some Geriatric mansion Aaaaargh !!!

Roll on Halloween :x


You can Bah and Humbug along with Ebenezer - I just think you're a bit of a teaser!

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Nah! Not a teaser

Just a Geezer

Like Ebenezer

Who hates this time of year

But have to admit

After all that said

I had a great Christmas

Full of Good Cheer

Must be the first

For many a year

So it must be the company

Co's it wasn't the beer

This dopey old fart

Wasn't Drinking


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