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Living with Copd and then getting my third bout of Bronchitis since September, with each infection taking about 2 weeks, which isn't much fun with Christmas around the corner.

In the summer I'm a lot better and can exercise, so probably down to the high humidity in South London / Kent during winter months and decaying plants and horrible dark damp days.

I'm on 2 lots of different antibiotics, steroids, nebuliser, inhalers etc., plus trying to breath in some steam with Friars Balsam which helps.

Can't help thinking I should move to Spain or somewhere near the sea for the winter.., but not sure.

Does anyone know anywhere better to live either temporarily or permanent that would help ?

I'm told a dry climate such as Egypt, Australia or Switzland are the best in the world, but couldn't afford that.

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Hi Unicorn I am sorry you are suffering yet another chest infection. It's no fun is it? They say living by the seaside is good for lungs. Maybe you could still stay in Britain but just by the sea? Hope you have as good a Christmas as possible anyway. xx


Thanks coughalot1, I may look into a move next year.

Spend most of boxing day in A&E, ( 4 hour wait to see anyone), as breathing was getting worse. The Doc gave me a mega nebuliser dose which helped a little, and said try breathing in hot steam with salt to clear the chest, so Just taking it easy now.

Hope you had a good Christmas and a relaxing time, X


Hi Unicorn,

if you have mucus you can get an acapella on the nhs prescription, its a form of flutter device to loosen and shift mucus. You can also get a powerbreathe medic on prescription, for use when you are back to normal, not for during exacerbations. Its a way to strengthen lungs and improve breathing. Till you can live by the sea you could always try a salt pipe inhaer, many people swear by them. Meantime, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids, but not too much whisky mind! and as k the other half or a friend to give a nice massage.

Hope your better soon and fully



Thanks lloegr

I'll try to get the Acapella when I get out next.

Spent most of boxing day in A&E ( mostly waiting around ), as breathing got more difficult, even with Ventolin, Steriods and antibiotics. They gave me some mega nebuliser dosages, and said to try breathing steam inhalations with salt (saline) , plus 4 Ventolin puffs at a time when necessary.

Also pyhsio like your massage, on the back the get the stuff up etc..

Just taking it easy now..

Hope you had a good Christmas



I am suffering in much the same way. My Daughter lives in NZ and the ideal would be to move there for 6 months our winter/their summer and back here to our summer/their winter. But it has lots of difficulties and cost of course. Maybe cheapo breaks in Spain but never long enough and I came back from a Cruise last February far worse than when we left. I caught a nasty virus from the Air Con. The Canaries are good, warm and dry our winter-- but beware the dust storms from N.Africa and I still find our medics NHS the best in the world.


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