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Rheumatoid Arthritis and stimulation of the Vagus Nerve

I saw in the news yesterday that experimental trials were being carried out on easing the symptoms of R A by electrically stimulating the Vagus Nerve.

I was wondering if it would have a similar effect on IBS or even inflammatory lung problems. I know quite a few Health Unlockers suffer with lung and another inflammatory conditions.

I found a programme on the BBC world device called Discovery about the effect of the Vagus Nerve.....but I haven't listened to it yet.

Coincidently, a few weeks ago I went for an acupuncture session because I kept on being woken up by headaches, and I noticed a strange sensation on both sides of my neck at the end of the treatment. I have had only a couple of mild headaches since, and keeping my fingers crossed now.

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Hi again, I have just listened to the BBC Discovery programme on my iPad, there was a suggestion Buddhist meditation and social closeness may help improve the tone of the vagal nerve. So the chat on this site looks like it can help in many ways.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday


Hi Knitter, it sounds like the news about the nerve stimulation could be the answer for many peoples chronic ailments even if only partial relief. And as we all know chat can work wonders for many things, this site also gives much helpful information which other departments don't have time to pass on. Time is a valuable asset when trying to explain and alleviate peoples concerns. Have a Happy Holiday hope to see you in the new year.


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