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It's Only One Day...That's All


I honestly do try awful hard to be charitable and nice...honestly. But why does the entire world and his wife descend on our local supermarket with the intention of buying enough food to last until next June when Christmas is only for one day and the shop reopens on St Stephens day?

And they go bumping into people and clutch long lists and glare if you try to sidle past and poke the oranges and eat the took one couple a good ten minutes to decide on which bag of potatoes they were going to get...arguing the toss over whether Roosters were better than Pinks. I kept edging back and forth between them, gathering up carrots and onions and they kept giving me the evil it was all my fault.

The queue at the meat've never seen the like. Lumps of dead cow and bits of pig were flying on and off the scales...oozing blood and looking positively revolting actually. It'll be fresh fish tomorrow that'll have the longest queue, 'cos it's traditional to have fish on Christmas Eve here...we'll have fish pie but I make it myself with frozen cod...if I'm not feeling the best Himself can go to the chipper.

I only wanted milk and a few veggies is all and it took ages and ages to finally reach the check out...but Eileen saw me and whipped me away to the baskets only and told Imelda to get one of the boys to pack my I stood there like a lemon while 'the boy' packed everything up, he did do it properly though.

Only two more sleeps before Santy calls...

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Hi vashti, I found that plenty of coughing and spluttering with my oxygen on full display soon clears the way like I'm some sort of leper. Oxygen tubes up yer nose can send some into a state of panic as they think what you have could be contagious so I use it to full advantage to help me get through the fun of Christmas shopping at the supermarket. :)

I'm home now and trying to find which bulb has blown on the Christmas tree, why is it when 1 blows they all stop blinkin working? I'm not gonna let it beat me though, I'm armed with a pack of spares and a multi meter so it should be ready for this Christmas or maybe the next one eh'

Happy Christmas to ya over there in Ireland vashti and as Dave Allen used to say 'May your God go with you'

Tony xx

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I know...always feel as though I ought to be ringing a bell and shouting 'Unclean', like you, I take full advantage! Hope you get your tree lights sorted...and may your god go with you

Totally agree but I am as guilty as the next hope you enjoy your fish pie xx easter

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What!! give poor old ladies tethered to an oxygen tank the evil eye in supermarkets? Shame on

Enjoy the Christmas however you choose to spend it Easter...xxxx

you have explained it very well vashti, :)

but i'm a bit like dall :) but why, after all these years [i felt like foster and allen there :D ] do the christmas lights always go ? ,, mine have went completely, but they can stay like that now :)

my trip to asdas, was a disaster, i went in with portable oxygen on, driving my scooter !! nearly maiming folks in the shop,its strange though, how quick they move if you "accidently" hit them :D

i managed to get what i needed , then proudly proceeded to the check out, as i inched through the narrow space, expertly judging it,

[as far as i thought :D ] the back wheel clipped a cardboard box full of christmas wrapping rolls,:D they tipped over, now i never imagined how these christmas wrapping rolls, could roll so far :D down the aisles , in front of the checkout, all over the place :D i've never seen shoppers moving so fast to pick them up :D then the embarrassment sunk in, the beads of sweat from the brow , i was never as glad to get out in all my life :D

i don't go there a lot now :D

have a great christmas vashti, love jimmy xxx :)

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Good to see you posting young Jimmy! Was sad to hear you haven't been feeling to good,do hope you feel a tad better now. Loved your story by the way!

Have a Happy Christmas,& do hope & pray,the New Year,is a bit kinder to you,

With gentle hugs & love xxxx

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thanks very, very much wendells, you have been so kind and its very much appreciated :)

you have a good christmas and a happy healthy new year lots of love jimmy xx :)

Its quite a site the butchers department this time of year with all sorts hanging from their ankles or neck!! Hope you feel better tomorrow Vashti and wishing you a very happy heathier and peaceful time over the holidays.Blessings to you and Himself. :) Janexx


People do panic don't they and buy enough to feed an army. I had some cauliflower fun today Went to my local greengrocers and cauli was £1.69. £1.69 I exclaimed in horror! 'Well that's the price they are' he said. Talk about taking advantage.... So went to Tesco - all cauli 49p. Trouble was they were all gone... They said they were probably getting some more tomorrow around 9am. Couldn't face the mad rush so then went to the Co-op - cauli £1.20 so bought that one. x

Hi Vashti, my sentiments entirely! I have been shocked this year by what appears to be greed for everything! I can't remember it being worse! Gazing at bags of carrots, sprouts, etc, before making a decision is utterly unbelievable but it is happening! What is going on????? Maybe I am just a ba humbug type (have always thought I wasn't)! However, even after all this, I do hope you have a happy Christmas and a good New Year! Best wishes, Juney


Another good one Vashti! Xx

Vashti, you are quite right. After all, we could celebrate ... Christmas. (Christ having fed the 5000 with just a thank you to God, I don't think we would have to worry to be foodless for one day!) Happy Christmas, the true Christmas that is, the birth of Jesus Christ!

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yes michael, how right you are,, its forgotten more and more each year,, but christ mas is just that,, the birth of jesus christ :D the world would be a far loving, and better place, if we all had faith ,, god bless ,, jimmy :)

Its the same here, drives me potty, ho bloody ho! vashti

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