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Pressure in Head

I am a 29 year old male. Since October last year I have had weird sensations in my head. It feels like pressure in my head, occasional throbbing sensation. It can often feel numb and like I have pressure in my ears. Some dizziness and can be exacerbated. I have it all day everyday of my life now. It is really getting me down :( I have had an MRI, bloods.....all back clear......said they were going to send me for a lumber puncture but heard nothing.....eye tests normal and pressure behind eyes normal apparently......I am desperate for help and tension headache diagnoses etc are just not right!!!!! Please guys if you have any advice, please send it my is really making me unwell :( Alan.

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I'm sorry I have no advice at this time but can sympathise with you,I experience a lot of your conditions started a few months ago along with tinnitus ,I'm convinced it is the meds I'm on for copd,awaiting an appointment at the hospital.

Alan I have had similar probs for about 5 years. I had all sorts of tests eventually I was diagnosed with neuralgia. I felt as if I was losing my mind with it at times. Ordinary pain killers didn't touch it. The sensations were unbearable. Even down to my ear. It was mostly down the one side of my head and face. I was prescribed Amitriptyline, but I had horrendous nightmares so was put on to gabapentin which helped but then I was prescibed a new anti fungal for my lungs and the two weren't compatible so I am now on Pregabalin and it keeps my symptoms at bay. At one point I didn't think I would be pain free ever again but now i can cope. Hope this helps M x

Thanks for your's not painful really it's the pressure sensation....all these doctors and no one knows :(


Hi Alan , have they ruled out migraines. There are so many different types of them. If by any means they haven't, look into it via migraine assoc. They are extremely good. I have been a member for years that is why I know there are so many kinds. Maureen

Hi alan, do you have a ringing or white noise in your ear/ears ?

I have had tinnitus ringing for a while well before this x

I have now got tinnitus and get the pressure feeling in the head sometimes plus dizziness.

Sometimes at the beginning I got whooshing sounds in the back of my head.

I have had a mri scan and all ok.

I try to ignore it and it is getting easier.

Alan my neuralgia is not painful it is just horrendous pressure and sensations in my head and down my face etc. M x

Hi Allan do you have high blood pressure sometimes this can cause head aches mine are cause by a neck problem I had acupuncture I can recommend that.

I have been woken up by pressure like headaches for a long time, but I found acupuncture very helpful too. Sometimes it is available for pain relief on the NHS, but I was recommended to a local private practioner.

Take care


Much does

Acupunctre help?

I had acupuncture on my neck as the discs had collapsed so they grind together causing blinding head aches. It was a result of a whip lash injury and I suffered for over 20 years I would vomit with the pain but the acupuncture has stopped the head aches I had 6 sessions, I don't know where you live but I would be happy to give you his name

See the headaches don't hurt. It's like a throbbing pressure likes someone's blowing me head up with a bicycle pump. Over a year now. Really depressing me cos I think I'm Guna die all time. Stress and anxiety isn't washing with me. I've de stressed my life as far as possible. Mri's etc clear. I'm scared it something like ms.....with the face numbness at times etc.....I'm terrified :( x

I understand your fear this clinic I went to which was run by this physiotherapist had two DR's who also do injections but the physiotherapist who did the acupuncture works with the GB Olympics team and is very good if you live in my area pm me and I will give you his number

I am in South Yorkshire. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated

I live in Shropshire so it would be a bit far to come but when your looking for acupuncture be carful with these Chinese herbal Doctor clinics very often they are not Doctors I was told this by a Chinese GP .

Do you have any other symptoms? How long has this been going on for? 

2 things that you may want to look into - 

1.  Lyme disease and all coinfections (Babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia). You have to be tested by Igenex though, regular tests don't always cut it. Your doctor should be able to order an ELISA and a Western Blot. Also ask to be tested for the coinfections above. If you have 2 strains then you are positive forget the CDC needed 3 strains rule. And you need no less than 4 weeks of doxycycline   

2.  Diet - Try cutting out all dairy, caffeine and gluten for one month and see how you feel. 

Alan what happened eventually? Were you able to find some relief ?

I have absolutely same sensation as you did, like there is air trapped in my scull and can't go out. I did all medical checks and all seem to be fine. I spoke with so many doctors ,both traditional and alternative medicine and no help. I am really desperate how could man landed on moon on one hand and on the other we can't solve issue such as head pressure.

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