Just because you look fine?

Just because you look fine?

I have on a number of occasions had people say loud enough for me to hear but not brave enough to say it to my face. (to be honest I understand why) "He does not look disabled" Well One of the associations I am a member of have made a sticker to cover this. Which says it all. It is only the arthritis that makes me walk with a definite gait that indicates I a not 100% as my other condition is my heart. Yet another unseen problem. I have never had a problem anyone approaching me as it gives me a chance to give them some parking tickets for the non badged cars :)

Maybe BLF could do their own?

Be Well

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  • great idea!

  • That is brilliant offcut,and Iknow what you mean about not looking as though you are well. mags

  • Thank you Offcut for that one appreciate what you say. Even my friends don't see me as disabled. Like you it is only the arthritis that suggests I have a mobility problem because the lung and heart problems can't be seen. Just as mental health,epilepsy, and diabetics illness cannot be seen. Wish a badge was the simplest solution, I choose to be independent but it engenders the type of comments you are talking about.

  • Last year someone told me she'd heard from a mutual friend (not a close friend obviously!) that I'd been misdiagnosed and was pleased to hear that I'm now better! I know I don't look disabled - and really I'm glad of that most of the time - but I think I could do with your special badge. :-)

  • Hi offcut, I want one, so sick of being judged when I pull into a disabled parking space and being dirty looks and whispering to each other. X Sonia x

  • One response I have found works when people say you look fine is, "It not my face that hurts". I am Diabetic (Insulin dependent) with all its attendant problems, Heart bypass and failure, COPD (Moderate), Hypothyroid, RA.

  • Invisible disability always causes problems from other people, it shouldn't but it does. Your badge is a great idea Offcut :)

  • I had this while visiting my daughter I had just got over a chest infection and we took a very slow walk along the beach front. This women who had a daughter in a wheel chair made some nasty comment her husband and her were full time careers for her daughter when its a job for one it does make you feel like having a medical folder with you and telling them to read it

  • yes I wish we had one too - thanks for bringing the subject up - when I'm sitting somewhere and have not got my oxygen on (so really only on the few rare occasions I go out) people also comment of me that I do not look ill - in fact I have just been called lazy (which really, really hurts) - do these people think that we like not being able to go anywhere, or struggle just to wash, or climb stairs or .... do all the little things others take for granted - do they really think my accepting someone's offer to go to the kitchen and make me cup of coffee or do a bit of shopping for me is due to my laziness......... I'd very happily do it all myself, like I used to, if only I could. Sometime I'm tempted to curse them by saying 'well I hope one day you get this and then you'll see what it is really like' but I don't. I would not wish this on anyone - their comments are just ignorance - really we need some public information out there on what this disease entails, and then maybe people would understand - whew think I needed to say that - sorry to go on .... anyway thank you xx

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