Pirfenidone and sun protection

Hello...I haven't posted before but I would like to ask a question for a dear friend of mine who has IPF.

He is having trouble being prescribed a high factor sun protection cream from his GP. His GP has prescribed one called Sun Sense but it's only for the face although my friend does use it on his arms etc. It's proving hard to get it this time of year. I can't understand why he can't be prescribed a high factor spray for his arms too. All the pharmacies seem to be out of stock of it. I wanted to ask anyone who is on Pirfenidone do you get your high factor sun protection on prescription or do you have to buy it yourself? Which brand does your GP prescribe if you are prescribed it? My friend has been told he has to put the sun cream on even at this time of year so it will be expensive if he has to buy it himself. He's on benefits as he can't work so any help or advice you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you everyone.

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  • You would have been better posting this in the Pulmonary Fibrosis Section.....

  • Sorry thought I had....oh well! I'll try somewhere else. Haven't used the site before so I don't know what I'm doing. Thank you anyway.

  • You have to select the topic in a drop down box when creating the post.

  • Thanks for that info IPF sufferer it seems no one replies on the COPD now i know why, it does help if you suffer the same condition but at the end of the day we're all in the same boat , but hopefully not a sinking boat . With regards to the Pirfenidone post I take this drug but at this time of year sunscreen shouldn't be needed I was advised in the autumn months but only if you are outdoors a lot. ILUG your friend is lucky to have you and Merry Xmas.

  • Thank you both......I'm still trying to get my head around using this site. I've been a member for a while but I haven't posted, I've just been reading. Imelda I hope the Pirfenidone is working for you. It makes my friend very tired but he's putting up with it. I hope you had a good Christmas, Lesley.

  • Hi, it may be helpful to have a look/post your question at this forum inspire.com/groups/pulmonar... . Good luck to your friend I hope the drug helps xxx

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