Hi Everybody - this is a post I never thought I would post!

Two Irish jokes, one posted by Nickers mine had actually been posted before under blonde jokes Apologies to whoever posted that. Somebody called "Soulsaver" a fairly new member is on a campaign to censor the humour section does not want Irish jokes!!!!!!!!!! Hope she is a not mother in law, a northerner, Black Country Eli and Enoch I could go on. I am not going to say upset she has made me before Christmas. Am I the only one who finds the humour helps when I am down ill or whatever. She questions whether we have a Moderator, tells me the Irish friend told me that joke in private not to be published in public. I like naughty, saucy jokes. She mentions muslims and Chinese.My daughter worked in Pakistan have met numerous muslims Sikhs Chinese through my husbands career as a "bank manager" sorry know they are not popular but he was the old fashioned sort. Muslims I have met say why are we so PC we would repect you more if you defended Christmas do not be so PC. I am so cross - cannot tell my husband have to try to keep my bp down. So sanctimonious. Irish in the titles. Do not read. It is like the off button on the tv. Katie JJ

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  • Hi Katie, I never read the jokes here so when I read this post I scrolled down to see the joke in question. I have no problem with Irish jokes - maybe that's cos I never read them - but I would have to agree with the other poster, as jokes go it's pretty weak and not very funnny at all. Sorry :)

  • Hi Katie jj, I agree humour is good for the soul, if people take offence, then tough that's life u can't plz everyone. if I don't find something funny then I don't laugh, I don't jump down someone's throat because of it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but it doesn't always need to be aired, I might find some one ugly, fat, a different race or religion that I don't like but I don't tell them , it's just my opinion, unless it interferes with me personally I don't care. Everyone plz keep the jokes coming and if u don't like them don't giggle but don't cause un neccasary up roar for those who do. Xx Sonia xx

  • Hi Katie, please do not get upset with Soulsaver's remarks. She is only one member, and while others may take offence at Irish jokes, or whatever they happen to be, at least they have the intelligence and decency to keep quiet about it. I read the jokes and posts yesterday, and fully intended replying to soulsaver at the time, but was not having a good day, and so was unable to think clearly enough to respond at the time. There is a big difference between telling a harmless little joke about a nation to an offensive one. In my opinion neither yours or nikkers jokes were offensive.

    Humour is our saving grace when we are ill, low or just need a giggle. It is a well known established fact that laughing is good for you, and while some find some things funny, other people find the same things unfunny. Thats life.

    I am Scottish, so come across jokes about us all the time, and do not take offence unless they are downright distasteful and offensive. We have to be able to laugh a bit at ourselves and not take everything so seriously. There was no malice or intention to cause offence with your joke, so soulsaver should lighten up a bit, and if she does not like the humour section they she should avoid it. There is not obligation to read them.

    Most of us have serious and ongoing problems, and I know I would not want to waste precious energy on starting some campaign about certain types of jokes, and where would the line be drawn. In the end there would be very little left to joke about if PC was strictly adhered to.

    Please do not posting your jokes Katie, and don't get upset by one new member who you don't even know. I am pleased for her that she is so well, that she can get so stirred easily, and has the energy to start a campaign. It would be better if she put her energy into something more positive.

    Also, remember she got a right ticking off from nikkers, so in future if she posts about your jokes in a bad and aggressive way, just ignore her, and look at the positive replies instead and focus on them.

    Good luck,

    hugs from Huggs :) xx

  • Thanks Huggs, Just low. Do not know whether to take ABS or not. Temperature, sweaty, chest aching. I keep 6 AZ ABS in but might need more. Somebody sneezed all over me!!!!!! She made me cry, with her 2nd e mail, stupid my tear ducts are semi blocked so she did me a favour. One of these days I will manage to start at the beginning of the humour section. It entertains my husband too. Just hope we do not get too PC here. Huggs from KatieJJ.

  • Hi Katie,

    Don't worry about it, as we all get low. For one person that gives a nasty reply there are hundreds more that would not. I do understand though how one thoughtless reply can get on top of you, especially since you are not feeling well. We all get our feelings hurt, and as soulsaver is a new member may not realise yet, just how helpful and supportive we are to one another, and unless someone is being a nuisance, bullying, malicious or nasty, it generally does not need such a negative answer. Forget about it now, its done.

    Concentrate on your own health, and I would start taking the antibiotics if I were you, with those symptoms, and as it is coming up to the holidays I would order more in, or see the doc if necessary.

    Keep posting jokes, as laughter is something we cannot get enough of.

    Take care and get well soon.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • I would like to say, I come from Essex, and always have a good chuckle about the Essex jokes. They don't bother me. So if anyone has any funny ones, I'd like to read them for a laugh. I hear a few from my new friends up here in Lancashire where I live now, never once have I took offence, as I knew they weren't told to cause it.


  • Thanks Nin, I was originally a Brummie girl. Years ago. I might have lost the accent but I do not take offence at Brummie jokes. Anyway, feeling better now re supportive msgs. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions and I would not deliberately upset anyone. My husband has just reminded me of someone who we knew who told jokes I would not repeat and the joke was she was married to a Mormon. She was a nurse and I know medics have a dark sense of humour. Anyway, thanks to everybody, like me, who enjoy the laughs on the humour section.Love KatieJJ

  • Anyone who feels they have to go on a crusade against humour needs to learn to use the site properly. Don't read those posts marked Humour. The Irish don't need defending from jokes. They almost monopolise our TV with their exported comedians all of who revel in the telling of their own Irish jokes.

  • Ever wonder why UK TV is monopolised by Irish comedians Rib ? Because the English ( and lots of other nationalities) just can't get enough of them. I have cringed and hung my head in shame at Mrs Brown's Boys. It pains me that others see this as a representation of average Irish life when it couldn't be further from the truth. But Irish comedians are flavour of the month and yes they love to tell Irish jokes. But they tell them with a wit that's all about pacing, accent, building up the character or situation. Somehow a few flat lines on a page with a very cliched scenario does not seem funny at all. It's all in the way they tell them.

  • It pains me too and I will not have it on in my house. I was very pleased to learn that the BBC although saying it was there largest audience drawing program they will not commission a further series.

    I know it is popular. His family have marketed this as a road show touring the UK to sell out crowds. I saw a couple of trailers for the TV show the rest go the mute button.

    If does not stop it being legal humour or the courts would have stopped the BBC showing a second series.


  • It's also a movie now and hugely successful of course. There are umpteen Christmas specials lined up for the week to come so get ready to change stations or hit the mute button. Happy Christmas Rib, to you and yours !

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts Argana.

    We do not celebrate Christian holidays. They are just normal days to us. So such TV events will not interfere with our normal routine.


  • Hmmmmm ! Now I'm curious : )

    Anyhow, time to try to get to sleep for the umpteenth time. Wheeze, wheeze, cough, gasp, snort, snuffle ........ Nighty night :)

  • Sleep well.

  • Just woken up to this discussion. Mrs Brown's Boys is sh*te imo Argana. But what you say about Irish comedians and "the flat lines of a very cliched scenario" sums it up for me.

    Remember Goodness Gracious Me? That was so riotous precisely because it was Asian actors taking the p*ss out of themselves and their culture. That made it come alive for everyone, not just other Asians. (Have to say I've no idea who makes MB'sBs but whenever I've surfed past it I move on asap).

    I think this is an interesting discussion though. This kind of forum brings in people from all walks so inevitably there are different opinions. Remember Voltaire (well, not literally before some wag comes back at me) Anyway: "I don't approve of what you say but i defend to the death your right to say it".

    Except when its UKIP - my prejudice right there ;) ;) ;)

    But people have different strengths, weaknesses, life experiences of prejudice etc. Just because some (e.g.) Irish people here find Irish jokes ok doesn't mean all Irish people will. Asian or gay or other humour won't be so funny if you're getting sh*t through your letterbox - and this happens on a daily basis in our supposedly tolerant society.

    We should remember we are a broad church on the forum and be sensitive. And imaginative: there are so many other jokes out there which don't rely on tired old stereotypes, be it blonde, Asian, gay etc.

  • I agree O2. I am not keen on Irish jokes, mother in law ones or blonde ones etc. It's nothing to do with not having a sense of humour but disliking the myth and stereotyping which does and can affect peoples lives.

    There are lots of very funny jokes around which don't rely on 'targeting' groups of people and I think in this day and age we should respect each others differences and celebrate them rather than further stereotyping them. It's nothing to do with PC but rather sensitivity.

    The golden rule on a site like this is to think very carefully before you post a joke and if you are not sure about it - don't. x

  • 10/10 to you both. x

  • Thank you m'dear, and Cough! :) :)

  • Very well put by you and O2.

  • T hanks RibvanRey, Normally,I would not take any notice. I had better go to bed. Stupid to be up this late. I will take Huggs advice and take ABs. I hope she is better soon. People are good on this site in that they are poorly but will try to help others. My battery is going so I will say goodnight. KJJ

  • I don't think it was a crusade against humour at all, just someone giving their own opinion, which we all do. And I do not believe you are doing the right thing in naming a member in this way, asking others to take sides. Just because someone has a different view from our own does not make them wrong. Humour can be cruel at times and we all have to remember that the subject matter of some jokes actually breaks the law. So, whilst we all need some humour in our lives, tastes vary and we should be careful not to offend others.

  • I think you have a very valid point here Toci.

  • I do as well x

  • Me too, the whitstable echo amidst the wind xx

  • Me too, Toci is very wise....

  • Me too, good & fair point Toci xxx

  • Excuse me? I named no one. Where have I asked people to take sides with someone or something? I stated my opinion. That people should show tolerance and to not read posts that they do not agree with. The posts I commented upon, the posting against the telling of Irish jokes, have at least 3 different people posting those views. So how have I singled someone out? Rib

  • I don't think that remark was aimed at you at all Rib. You may have used the phrase bit that was simply summing up the feelings of people who were being supportive of Katie's views.

  • Looks like a pretty accurate quote to me.


  • My bad, Rib. I did quote you but then referred to the original post. Sorry, I should have made it clearer.

  • Glad that's cleared up :)

  • Thank you Toci.

  • Hi Rib,

    I think the remark made by toci was aimed at either the poster katie, or myself. I do not think it was Katie's intention to cause a row or to make people take sides. While we have to be careful not to offend people, a little light banter as has been posted is not offensive in my opinion. There are of course plenty Irish, Scottish, Asian, Welsh and English jokes which are offensive, and it is a fine line, but we should be able to laugh at ourselves. Although I am Scottish, I have Irish blood in me too. I have seen many sexist jokes posted on this forum, and although I have posted a couple of 'men' jokes, it was just a bit of fun, and very mild, but have seen others that people could take serious offence at, but others do not.

    take care Rib,

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Agree that the OP should not be naming a member in this way to get other members onside. Also I feel that the length of time someone has been a member simply isn't relevant ("fairly new member").

    I have objected to various pieces of racism disguised as 'jokes' here and been attacked for trying to 'kill humour' so my natural sympathy would be with soulsaver but as I haven't read the jokes or the exchange of comments I can't comment. My feeling is "are people STILL telling jokes about Scots, Irish etc"? That is so last century....

  • Hahaha - so last century, i love it ;)

  • Me too :d I think it says more about the people telling the jokes than about anything else! x

  • Sounds like someone is very deep pressed and when we have no joy them life is even harder. I have awakened from a broncoscopy eventually and found myself laughing.. I love Irish jokes.. My maiden name was Monaghan by the way

  • Jokes are a good way of release it's imperative we have a laugh in life. I love Scottish jokes I am Scottish I love blonde jokes I am blond I love OAP jokes....what's the beef? Laugh and the world laughs with you cry and cry alone....liven up. Merry Christmas to all

    The secret to a long healthy life....is not to become personally involved in your own! Ha ha Audrey. Xx

  • Oh dear the pc brigade again. I have friends of all creeds and races who don't mind a joke. I have Irish blood and don't mind at all about Iris jokes, because that is what they are JOKES, nothing more. I've said before that jokes are often better than medicine. Sadly in this world there are people who lead such meaningless lives with nothing better to do. Anyway do have a lovely Christmas and New Year. xxx

  • all jokes should be allowed regardless of content ...no censorship ... especially about Scotsmen ... !!! from a jock myself ...

  • Just try and ignore the idiot Katie, and carry on posting! Love Sheila Xx

  • I love jokes of any kind ,It brightens up a bad day,It doesn't mean you don't like certain people,I come from the forest of dean and my surname was butt so you can imagine the things I put up with,You just have to laugh with them.

  • humour




    the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

    "his tales are full of humour"

    synonyms:comical aspect, comic side, funny side, comedy, funniness, hilarity, jocularity; More


    the ability to express humour or amuse other people.

    "their inimitable brand of humour"


    a mood or state of mind.

    "her good humour vanished"

    synonyms:mood, temper, disposition, temperament, frame of mind, state of mind; spirits

    "his good humour was infectious"


    an inclination or whim.

    plural noun: humours; plural noun: humors

    "and have you really burnt all your Plays to please a Humour?"



    each of the four chief fluids of the body (blood, phlegm, yellow bile (choler), and black bile (melancholy)) that were thought to determine a person's physical and mental qualities by the relative proportions in which they were present.


    verb: humour; 3rd person present: humours; past tense: humoured; past participle: humoured; gerund or present participle: humouring; verb: humor; 3rd person present: humors; past tense: humored; past participle: humored; gerund or present participle: humoring


    comply with the wishes of (someone) in order to keep them content, however unreasonable such wishes might be.

    "she was always humouring him to prevent trouble"

    synonyms:indulge, pander to, yield to, bow to, cater to, give way to, give in to, go along with, comply with, adapt to, accommodate; More

    All in all we can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

    KEEP THEM COMING! If I find them unfunny I will not laugh, Simples

  • Humour is a release, that's true. But all this stuff about "the PC brigade" is a tired stereotype too. It's often just an excuse for sloppy thinking and not ever having to challenge our own assumptions.

    I've no idea whether people here would put me in this category - quite possibly - but frankly i don't really care. What i do know is that humour is a massive part of my life and Im regularly cracking up on a daily and sometimes hourly basis with some new funny or ridiculous joke or situation. My friends often take the p*ss out of me and it always brightens my day ;)

  • I think you've just made a very accurate observation on spontaneous humour and contrived humour, Trees. I too love a good laugh but rarely find written jokes amusing. But well written funny dialogue in a book I'm reading can have me laughing out loud. It's all a question of taste really and this must be why I generally don't read the jokes here and consequently am never offended by then. There just is no accounting for taste and there's nowt so queer as folk but a quick think before posting a joke is probably no harm. Before anybody accuses me of being highbrow in my choice of humour, I should admit that most of my daily belly laughs are at the antics of a large tabby cat with a lisp who updates his adventures on Facebook regularly. See, no accounting for tastes :) Happy Christmas everyone !

  • Can i be friends with your cat on fb Argana? :) :)

    (though I'm not a very active user; but I do tweet to a friend's dog called @violetdoghanson ;)

  • No idea about any jokes as tend not to read them but each to their own I say. Laugh and the world laughs with you.............................Merry Christmas one and all. xxxxxx :)

  • Try not to take it too heart, I enjoy the jokes they brighten at least a part of my day and laughing is good for you xx

  • I have a guilty secret - my sure cure for the blues is an hour with a DVD of the late and very great Dave Allen, surely the most anarchic and non-pc comedian possible - and Irish of course.

  • Omg folks, this forum has been a God send for me. Please let's not allow difference of opinion create upheaval!!! We can't all think alike about any one thing. If you start to read a post and it offends you, STOP and go to another. I started one the other day that said some things about the birth of Christ and felt myself becoming defensive, so I just stopped and carried on to another . I am a believer but I won't get upset by those that don't, I pray for them. I love the humor that has been displayed here and right now there is probably my plenty going around about the good old USA. Some I might agree with others maybe not but good gravy, it's intended for a laugh!!!

    I'm stage 4 copd, I desperately need to feel light hearted not angry!!!

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