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How To Manage Travelling Without Using Nebuliser?

I received my free travel pass today 'cos I'll be officially ancient in a few days...but if I was to avail of it and perhaps go to Dublin for the day, how do I manage without using my nebuliser? The oxygen isn't a problem 'cos Himself would carry it for me and we'd take taxi's to the Museum and back to the railway station...I use the nebuliser four times a day though...7am, 12 mid-day, 5 pm and then the last one at 10pm.

I'd have to miss the two middle ones because of the travelling...and ideas welcome.

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Could you not use a portable nebulizers ?

Don't know why I didn't think of that before...brain fug's what I'm going for anyway

I had to buy a battery operated nebuliser, as my old NHS one was mains only. That means more expense though.

The one I use is huge and heavy and only mains...I'm going to get a battery operated one and the bank balance will have to shudder!

My latest nebuliser is mains and battery operated. Comes in a nice small case that can fit into a a handbag. WAS quite expensive though.

I'm going to get one...think it's the answer and to hell with the expensive!

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I think if you can get the money you won't regret it. Am going away for a couple of days and just popped mine into my bag. Battery op means don't have to worry of need to use it and not near a power point.

What do you take in the nebuliser Vashti ? If it's something like Ventolin or Combivent, would you get away with using your inhalers at 12 and 5 instead ?

It would be a a shame to miss out on using your travel pass.

I did ask the nurse that and she sort of sucked her teeth and said it wouldn't really be as effective so I'm going for a battery operated nebuliser...bit of a scaredy cat you see!!

Nothing like being decisive and just going for a definite option. I'm an awful ditherer. Of course you should go for a portable, I mean what are we saving money for at this stage ? Enjoy your days out and if you decide to come down south be sure and let me know.

Battery hand held is amazing for home and out ,no noise,anywhere,atomiser aswell ,wouldn't be without it,more effective than home one, ideal for travel and going out.

That's what I'm going to get I think...there's a firm in Ireland which sell them...

Glad you have your pass and look forward to reading of your new adventures you will have with himself x Joyce

Hi Vashti,I asked my lung technicians about getting a portable nebuliser because the ones online vary so much in price.They suggested just getting a 200 watt power inverter.Can be used with car battery in hotel rooms etc.Ithink it was £19.00.If you let me know I.ll dig up the link if I still have it.Regards D.

Thank you FarmerD...I'm going to have one that runs on batteries because I never stay overnight anywhere now...just go out for days. Well...apart from staying in

The battery ones are expensive but at least I'll not be worried about going to Dublin on the train for instance...feckin nuisance being ill isn't

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