Alzheimer's and a bit of humour

The consultant says to Mrs Smith "so sorry Mrs Smith but your husband's test results have got mixed up with another Mr Smith who was being tested at the same time. Unfortunately one has Alzheimer's and the other a STD! We cannot retest for another month, " what can I do" says Mrs Smith, well, says the consultant, take your husband for a long car ride into the country and drop him off, if he finds his way home don't sleep with him!"

Just to say I hope I haven't upset anyone I am sensitive to Alzheimer's as I cared for my mum who suffered with it for 12 years, but sometimes humour is good medicine. Keep well everyone, Merry Christmas x

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  • So funny love it. :):) x Sonia x

  • Funny! Xx

  • My mother had alzeimers which included causing a car crash which killed her sister. All pretty extreme and so i really appreciate this injection of humour - very funny, could have done with some at the time ;)

  • Hi O2Trees, so sorry for your extremely difficult experiences, as I said I hope I didn't offend anyone, my Mum passed away 10 years ago and many memories were difficult but there were some funny looking back, it is a cruel illness in a way more difficult for the carers once the person has progressed to a place where they are in their own little world.

    Anyway glad my story made you smile.

  • That was funny :d x

  • :D :D :D

  • Not upset at all and found it very funny. Pete and I care for his mother (she lives in a warden assisted flat) who has dementia but you do need a sense of humour. Thanks for that, made me smile. xxxx :)

  • Funny and agree with comments above

  • very good thank you xx

  • Well I thought I had Dementia, so I went to the Doctor and mention it to him, he told to go home and forget all about it.

  • Lol, I can believe that.

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