Pete's angiogram

We have just returned from Pete's angiogram appointment and he does have sarcoidosis in the heart. It has caused the heart to stiffen slightly so may have been there for some time. He is doing well though and is being monitored. We will wait for an appointment to come through for the Royal Brompton as Pete may be able to have a PET scan there which is more detailed apparently.

This is good news really because Pete now has the all clear to have his spinal cord stimulator fitted at Southampton in the not too distant future hopefully. I am breathing a sigh of relief and will try and keep him on the straight and narrow over Christmas.

Best wishes to one and all and breathe easy. Take care. xxxxxx

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  • Hi Sassy59 - Well thats another hurdle! So pleased to hear that Pete can have the spinal cord simulator fitted - that will be a relief for him and you. Onwards and upwards! With every best wish for a happy and very importantly healthy Christmas, with lots and lots of love to you both xxxx

  • Thank you so much TAD. Onward and upwards indeed! You take care too and have a wonderful Christmas. xxxx

  • I am glad you can both move forward about Pete's back sassy - you both have a wonderful Christmas xxx

  • Thanks eyes - best wishes for Christmas to you too. xxxx

  • As you say on and up. This will help a lot and you get to enjoy Christmas. Really pleased for you

    love Dozy x

  • Thanks Dozy, wishing you a very happy Christmas. xxxx

  • I'm also pleased for you both. xx

  • Bless you Toci. xxx

  • Glad that the angiogram is over Sassy. One more hurdle overcome. A very Happy Christmas to both of you !

  • Cheers Argana and you have a wonderful Christmas too. xxxx

  • Glad things are progressing well Sassy. So glad Pete is getting Brompton appointment, no better place, and that he will get the stimulator later on. Very best wishes for xmas and new year to both of you :) :)

  • Thank you and hope you have a good Christmas and New Year too O2Trees. xxx

  • Hi Sassy,first of all thanks for your kind msg.previously.

    Thrilled to hear of Pete's good news,how wonderful,you can both look forward to his getting the nerve stimulator,that should be such a great help.

    Wishing you both a wonderful Xmas & a very positive New Year for you both.

    Big hugs,take care xxxxx

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply Wendells. I do hope that things are looking up for you and do have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. Take care xxxxx

  • Glad to hear that Pete will get the stimulator soon now and hope it will be of help for him. Thinking of you bothxxx

  • Thank you jenss, hope he doesn't have to wait too long. Take care. xxxx

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