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Hi, I bought an oximeter because I have PAF and it is useful as a quick check of hr etc. I also have asthma and my resting SATS are 97/98 which I believe are not relevent to my asthma but more to my heart function? My question is because my husband, who is quite susceptible to chest infections has not been himself lately, had a cold, tired, breathless, a bit confused and grumpy. I noticed him sounding breathless when he came upstairs to bed so I checked his SATS which were 93. This morning while resting it was 93/95. I had thought he was breathless because he had a blocked nose but I guess not? I think he is worrying because he thinks he is developing dementia but I have noticed these symptoms come and go so I wonder if he has a lung problem? He had an xray a couple of years ago because of a chronic cough.

Hope you can help, thanks.

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  • Hi buffafly, 93% after coming upstairs would be acceptable for one who has e.g. copd, but it is not normal for someone without a lung (or other?) condition. So I'd advise making an appointment with your/your husband's GP asap. I don't think a blocked nose would affect his sats as he would just breathe through his mouth.

    (In case you are not aware, around 97% and above is considered normal, while 88% is the lower cut-off point, below which supplementary oxygen is required, so your husband is well above that.) Good luck :)

  • Thank you, suggested that but he is a bit bolshie as well! Glad to have backup.

  • Call the BLF helpline 03000 300 050 9-5 weekdays and go through it all with them. They are very experienced and fantastic helping people to talk to their GPs. They'll give you much more backup than i could ;)

  • Will do, thank you very much.

  • Spoke the nurse, lovely chap and very helpful because he said that SATS of 93 on their own are OK for a short time but ongoing can cause problems and he reallyreally needs to see GP. Will cook a very nice dinner and then try to persuade him!

  • Hi there, I think you should get him to see the doctor. To get an appointment quickly tell the receptionist he's very breathless - that should get an immediate appointment.

    From what you say I'm suspecting a urine infection. BUT, I'm no doctor. If he does have a urine infection it needs treating asap.

    Usually in older people (apologies if this isn't your husband) loved ones will often think of dementia first when actually it's a urine infection - one of the symptoms, a complete change of character and confusion.

    Please see the doc. Good luck

  • He did mention a night time wee problem when the cold was starting so maybe....yes my husband is 78 and I think he is anxious about dementia, but I remember he has always had a very selective memory! The confusion etc comes and goes. I also think snoring does not help.

  • I hope he will go to the docs. Tell them everything. They can do a dip test right there in the surgery for urine infection. Also, there are tests for dementia (there are different kinds) and medication can help.

    All the best xxx

  • I would recommend a quick trip to your GP low SAt's can cause confusion discuss your findings with your GP .hope you both improve and enjoy a fairly good Christmas

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