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An experience!

Something has happened twice this week to me which was so strange. I am prepared to hear that you might think I am imagining what I heard because I would have been sceptical in the extreme.

Yesterday I went to the bathroom. When I came out I could hear the radio playing which it wasn't when I went in. Last when we went to have a meeting with the undertaker, the radio was on when I returned to the house.

Obviously there is a lot of talk about Brian's funeral and the after math of a demise. Could he be around listening? I have talked out loud to reassure him. I have a feeling all this is very transient that now he has tried contact, he wont be back.

I am amazed at this because I have always been suspicious when I have heard of similar occurrences. Thank you for bearing me talking about what is in my mind. You have been so supportive.

Have to say the last week has triggered my asthma and COPD . Got very breathless and am back on steroids.

Hope that this wont send me into the dippy corner XXXX

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If you are going to visit the dippy corner, you will find that I am already there. As long as you found it reassuring think of it as Brian's way of giving you a big hug.

To go with his, here is a gentle, comforting and loving hug from me

Dozy :) xxx


I personally am sure that he would be around you - it will be his way of letting you know that he is still there and sending you his love. Take comfort and take good care of yourself - you need to. With lots of love and kind thoughts, TAD xx


That's quite normal I think a lot of energy is still there,they just need a new body, lol,that's my way of looking at it ,quite nice to know there. Still. Around,this wk I've not been to good if I go out,damp weather,not necessary cold but damp. I never take steroids,but do you think I should get some?


Well, I was given a 3 day course. I am reluctant to take steroids but this is very short term, and hopefully will do some good. I have had a quite spring and summer on Azithromycin.


I think it is Brian too letting you know he is ok. I too have always been sceptical about this but had an amazing experience when my mother died. I did post it on here but will repeat it for those who didn't see it.

My mum had a plant called a Day Lily and a flower lasts just one day. Anyway this hadn't flowered in 4 years and she thought it was dead. My sister has it now and around 2 weeks before the first anniversary of her death she showed me buds on it. I said the first flower will appear on the date and lo and behold it did. Just one flower on the anniversary. That is spooky.

Another sister several times smelt tcp which was a mystery as she never had it in the house. But my mum used it a lot...

Take comfort from it Annie that Brian is still around and is thinking of you. Take care. x


Take comfort in his presence Pergola. You were very close so it's not surprising.

I'm a great sceptic too, relying on my intuition and feelings. If you re feeling him there then I'm sure he is. i think the power of love is endless.

I don't think anyone would think you were going dippy but do take extra care of yourself, drink plenty, take some extra vitamin c.

Look after yourself as he would you, wrap yourself up in his warmth and loving memories to help see you through this hard time. You are so vulnerable right now.

My loved (ex) husband died 10th Dec 2010. On the 13th I don't know how I managed to organise his funeral, I could barely stand but my poor pregnant Anna needed me. I went straight to my gp to find I had a bad pneumonia, he insisted in calling 999, I had to beg him to just give me some strong antibiotics to get me through and promise I would go to A&E. I'm sure it was because I was knocked for six with the devastation.

Thinking of you my lovely.

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These things happen. I think I have a similar tale.

When my mother died, or just afterwards a mouse appeared in my workshop..........I was a self employed joiner................................Not unusual you might think but never had a mouse in there before...........But, far from running off when I unlocked the workshop that morning, it sat in the middle of the floor looking at me...............Not sure why, but I bent down and laid my hand palm open on the floor and it hopped on!

I set it down on my workbench and began my work very slowly and as quietly as I could...... It stayed and seemed to watch. But, nature of my job, inevitably at some point I had to use tools that were noisier or demanded swift movements. I decided that work came first and began to work as normal. Hand planing, sanding, using a hammer, cordless drill etc...........It stayed put, sat on the bench grooming itself.............Dinnertime came round and I offered it some tiny bits of sandwich that the mouse took from my hand and ate........It was still there when I locked up. and next morning, and this went on for a week until one day it was nowhere to be seen. and that was the last I ever saw of it....Make of that what you will.

Another incident not very long afterwards, my Grandmother died ( my maternal grandmother)

As my family and I left the hospice where we had spoken with the sister in charge about my grand mother passing away there during the night, and approached our car a linnet landed directly between us and the car and did not fly away as we approached. As with the mouse I bent down and offered my hand and it hopped on. We reached the car and it seemed reluctant to go, staying put even when I waved my hand about. It looked all round at us in turn, myself, my wife and our two young children and then flew off, circling us once before disappearing into the blue................Once again, make off it what you will.

Two coincidences?

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That was a very moving and interesting account, stree. Moments not be forgotten.


Brian is there pergola and let that be a comfort to you. You will not end up in the dippy corner I hope and I do wish you lots of love and good wishes. Get well soon. xxxxx


Pergola I am so sorry about your husband. I had not heard. Unfortunately I do miss a lot of posts at times if I am unwell.

And yes, like colours said Brian's aura must be still around and maybe he's letting you know. It may be his way of comforting you. You didn't imagine the radio. It happened. Twice! I hope you can take comfort from it for a long time or at least until the pain wears off.

I am not normally a believer thinking a lot of people are fanciful or making it up. However, just once in my life when I was in very great distress for some time, one miserable afternoon I felt firm but gentle hands around my shoulders and a warm peace engulfing me. It was just like that. I believe it to be my mother comforting me. I was so uplifted and gained great strength from it. I was happy and calm for the first time in months and have never been so low again. Nothing before or since has happened to me to make me sense anything else other worldly but I truly believe something happened that day.

Brian obviously cared a great deal for you.

Sara xxxx


I,m so very sorry to hear about Brian, but I,m sure he is trying to reassure you that he is still near you & watching over you, I,m glad you are taking the meds as right now your body is in shock & tired

Take very good care of yourself

Karen xxx


Hi pergola, wow what a lovely thing to happen, they always show us a sign they are with us. Nobody smokes in my house and haven't done since last year but every now and then David smells fag smoke and has done since his dad passed away, ( his dad loved a fag ) and I have several people upstairs hopefully watching out for me every year I have a robin and a butterfly come and visit, the butterfly always lands on me and stays for ages even though I don't like fluttery things by me the butterfly never scares me and every time I see my robin I just smile whilst talking to him, Brian has found a way to let u know he's with you. Take care of urself x Sonia xxxx


I am a believer but apart from an Angel feather,I have not seen or heard anything,else,but perhaps one day I will have a visit from one of the dogs I loved so deeply and left me with a broken heart.


So sorry to hear about Brain. Hugs

I'm sure the radio is his way of letting you know he is still with you xxx


Wonderful people - so nice to have you around, AND I am around if anyone needs to talk. xx


Ooh, I missed this post but so glad I found it. I too have had experiences since my Brian passed away. I've never felt anything like it before in my life. I know he's around me and its such a great comfort. I believe your Brian is letting you know things are ok. Enjoy the moments. xxx


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