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Cold Shoulders


For the last few weeks I have been having very cold shoulders as though I am sitting in a draft and when I feel down my back and across shoulders it is freezing cold.

I have bronchiectasis but have not experienced this before. At night I try sleeping with a hot water bottle on my shoulders which helps but during the day it is a problem. The microwavable items you can put around your neck don't help as they don't come down low enough.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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Hi Scrag , there are shaped heat pads for shoulders - I've got one & they are pretty good - try googling a site for them . The heat bags don't work - as you say they don't come down far enough . Mine is a Moor Mud one . Hope you can get something to working. Helen.


Thanks! I will try this. Hope you have a good Xmas!


Sometimes my husband suffers with a really cold back. He started to wear vests this winter - which have helped. It might be an idea just to visit the doctor and ask though. Lots of love TAD xx


I use a wooly shawl round my shoulders and it reaches right down to my kidneys which also feel the cold, like a draft. Some times i put it over my head too :)


Great idea! I will try that. Happy holidays!


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