Lung reduction


Don't if anyone remembers Wingnut back in the summer he joined the forum but hasn't be able to log back in for some reason.

Anyway he was having Lung reduction in July and I'm happy to report he's doing really well as has been able to stop using the oxygen and is playing bowls, how fantastic is that.

I hope this gives others who are hoping for the operation hope.

Kim xxx

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  • Thanks Kimmy for letting us know and hope he continues to keep enjoying the thingsvhe likes and will gives us all hope in life so good on him

  • Hi kimmy, thanks for letting us know about Wingnut and what great news. It does give hope to others and let's hope we can hear from Wingnut again very soon. Good of you to let everyone know. Stay well. xxxxx

  • That's some great news Kimmy, thank you. Very best wishes to Wingnut - I do remember him

  • Thank you for the update - how amazing for him - brilliant result.

  • It does give me hope, so pleased Wingnut is doing well Xx

  • That's brilliant news's great to hear the positives thankyou x

  • Fantastic news Kim - please send him my best xx

  • That's fantastic, so nice to hear good news.

    polly xx

  • So good to hear a success story. Thanks for sharing.

  • What amazing news Kimmy. Please pass on warm regards and congratulations to Wingnut :) :)

  • So nice to hear that someone has had so much benefit from the treatments that are out there, and we have heard about it! thank you Best Wshes to all.

  • Brilliant news amid the gloom, a really great uplifting outcome

  • Wonderful news,and giving others hope.

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