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just woke up

today we had my trip to papworth hospital .

we arrived about 2ish and went to their restureant for a cuppa and a breather before my appointment at 2.30 .

well we arrived at the diagnostic center we were met at door by a nurse and shown to book in .

I was then taken to the blood department where they took 12 bottles of blood so smoothly I didn't realise she had done it ,and no marks or bruises .

we then had a interview with a junior consultant and senior nurse who explained every thing that could happen to me . must of talked about an hour . then she spoke to her boss . then they both spoke to us .

the senior consultant said I have to have a couple of tests on my heart and if I pass these I will have to have a 3 day stay at papworth for complete tests and then go from there .

so aint out of woods yet but getting nearer to knowing what my future might be .

its a bit late posting this but I was so worn out when we got home at half six .

cup of tea then of to the land of nod now just woke up and ready for bed

keep on breathing x x

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Glad the day went smoothly if a bit long. I certainly sounds as though a person could have confidence in a hospital like that. Makes a lovely change to hearing tales of people who say that they got rushed in and out and that they never got time to ask or understand. Makes such a difference when they are treating you like that.

Have a good night's sleep Bill. Rib


It was a long day, but my goodness they were thorough. It seems as if you wouldn't have had better treatment if you had gone private. So, when you go in you will get just as good treatment. I hope everything goes well for you, keeping my fingers crossed. Have a good Christmas and please let us know how you get on. xx

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Hope you get the best possible outcome from your 3 day stay. Certainly sounds like you're getting good attention.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, even though you must have been tired after the long day. I hope the following days go as smoothly as the first, and that you have a good outcome. Best wishes.


All the very best.


I take it this was for a transplant assessment? I hope things go well and you get the outcome you want and need. I cannot have a transplant due to other problems so I am always glad to hear of someone who can.


It was nice to see you treated like a human being. It does not take much!

Be well


Good to hear everything went so easily. Lots of luck, TAD xx


I hope it all works out for you and that you get on to the transplant list.

Kind Regards



Hi Bill I had my transplant 6 years ago, you would not get better treatment at any other hospital, they treat you like you are a God.

I have not had any problems at all.

You call everyone by the first name who ever it is.

Fantastic hospital.


I attend Papworth for my IPF,I live in Birmingham but it's worth the travelling,excellent hospital,I recommended it to a friend who was not happy with his treatment in Birmingham,after his first visit he was put in for a transplant,and is now on the list,he said he felt he had the most wonderful care and attention ,everybody there treats you so well.I am not currently on the list,but I think I am heading that way as I have over the last month definitely declined,I hope all goes well for you,you couldn't be in better hands.Sooki.


Well billl that certainly was a long day but it sounds pretty positive so here's hoping that you get some good results and a good outcome eventually. Thinking of you and your family and wishing you well. xxx


How nice to hear that you are getting such excellent care,hope all goes well for you and good luck x


I had my 3 day assessment at Papworth last week, wonderful, caring staff. I have been offered a place on the waiting list for 1 lung to be transplanted. Will be going back shortly to take in all the paperwork and to discuss going on the list. Much to think about but I am sure I have done all I can for myself. Good luck to anyone else who has this opportunity.


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