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neck and shoulder pain

As I progress with the exploration of the flute, a new problem has arisen, the neck and sholder strain and pain. So I looked for a olution on my favourite You Tube. Here's one self massage which is extraordinarily beneficial (even if you have no pain there :-) )

It's an opportunity to look at a pretty girl too!

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Hi Mic,

I am pleased your flute has arrived and you are practising, and I am sure you will progress in no time.

I have a serious and chronic neck problem with extremely limited movement there and even the most gentle of physiotherapy exercises have made it worse, and now caused occipital neuralgia for which I am waiting on a nerve block to see if that helps. I am interested in the massage you have found on you tube but your link doesn't work, and I cannot find it myself. Any chance of trying to do the link again, please? Thank you.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xx :)


Huggs, I am so glad you tell me of the not working videos. I looked at 2 things. One is the Alexander method. This chap had a chronic sore throat and devised a method which includes, somehow, the repositioning of the head and the neck, as well as teh whole chain of muscles in the body. I believe that he starts with a good sitting position! I don't know any more about this, but have seen a few pieces of advice for musicians. It looks like an interesting method for chronic pain.

The second video was about releasing teh pain in the shoulders and neck. What the practioner showed is that you can start from the elbow and really knead "the meat" of teh muscle going up from the elbow; then on the shoulder, at the back knead, and press teh muscles at the back of teh shoulder; climb to the neck and the occipital area, pulling the muscles to release the tension. Then start all over on the other side!.

with enthusiasm, I have tried this kneading, and gosh it hurts! but it does seem to release the tension.

Best place to do this is sitting down with relaxed arms and start kneading! I hope tis helps a bit.

Let me send this first


Hi Mic,

Thanks for the explanation and will look at The Alexander Technique on you tube, and also try out the technique you describe. I will give it a go, but have an extremely limited range of movement, as well as severe pain. That is the reason that the usual physiotherapy is not working at the moment, but I am also waiting on specialist pain physio as well as the nerve block. I will look into this though and see if there is anything I can do meantime to help myself. Thanks again and take care,

keep practising,

hugs from Huggs xx :)

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