Hi. I have copd and on oxygen..has anyone any advice when need to decorate/paint, how to manage with any odour?

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Thank you. Will lookit up.

I'm not on oxygen yet, but my Dad was. He could not cope with decorating smells or dust at all. He used to stay with me, whilst the decorating fumes cleared. Don't know if that is an option for you, to stay with friends or family. It would be a bit like the tv show, Changing Rooms. You could return home and be surprised. Just an idea.

Nin good that. :-)

Try cutting an onion in half an put it in the room that’s being painted it does take the smell away

Billy K

I would just say - be very careful. My husband has severe COPD and paint fumes are just too much for him. When we had the house decorated we had it done whilst we were on holiday but, even though the decorator had used low odour paint, it still affected him. Lots of ventilation, low odour paint and the onion trick - though I didnt find it as effective as I needed it to be! Take good care, TAD xx

Thanks. Odours seem to affect me differently, some days a smell can be ok, other days it affects me quite badly. I'll give these odour! Less a try. But think wait till new year now.

Good idea to wait. Good luck xx


B&Q now do a range of emulsion paints, under the trade name Breatheasy.

Water base paints are low in VOC

Pure nature sell a gloss paint ( white only ) free of VOC

Available from Amazon.

Safecoat Semi-Gloss Paint (White) - zero VOC

Better check with your oxygen suppliers whether it is safe to have your oxygen running at the same time as painting, as some paints contain petrol chemicals and possibly other inflammable chemicals. Don't know which ones as I'm only just getting used to what I can and not be around while using oxygen.


I have COPD, am on oxygen 24/7 and have found being unable to decorate very frustrating because I can't tolerate paint fumes. Recently though I have been using water based paint which doesn't bother me. Swagger and Swoon (think I got the name right) make an amazing range of water based paint for all applications.

Wilkinsons (Wilko) do a small range of WATER BASED GLOSS. An excellent substitute for any of us needing to use gloss paint.

This is a great article. I think you may want to read it. It tells you about VOC paints.

You can buy odorless paint now

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