the elder gentleman

An older gentleman had lost his hearing aid and wanted a new one .Before getting the new hearing aid , he wanted his ears cleaned out, so he went to the doctors.

As the doctor was cleaning his ears, he noticed a foreign object lodged in the mans ear canal. With a pair of tweezers , the doctor removed the object.

Upon closer examination, he discovered that it was a suppository . The doctor told the older gentleman that he had a suppository stuck down his ear.

At this the older gentleman exclaimed...............


regards to all,:) must get some errands done now,, jimmy xxx :D

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  • Oh

  • oh dear, oh dear :D jimmy

  • You are magic Jimmy, big giggles yet again, thanks Best Wishes Mogworth

  • Thanks mogsworth , its great stretching your giggle muscles regular :D take care jimmy :)

  • That is a good un Jimmy. Pleased to see your in such good form.

  • oh hiya grandad brian , hope your keeping well my friend, all the very best,, jimmy :)

  • Thanks Jimmy for that one I use both and I guess there is a moral to the tale somewhere

  • definitely anthony :D jimmy :)

  • :P :P :X :D

  • As always you make me smile, thanks Jimmy x

  • your kind Xris,, thank you jimmy xxx :)

  • I have given you a Recommend for this Jimmy in gratitude for your help in my search for my suppository. Rib

  • ha ha ha :D say no more lol .. jimmy :)

  • lollollol funny :D

  • thanks eyes :D jimmy :)

  • Very funny, good to have a laugh

    Thanks Jimmy xx

  • Very funny, good to have a laugh

    Thanks Jimmy xx

  • aye peg, it keeps the chuckle muscles in good form :D

    jimmy xxx :)

  • Thanks Jimmy I needed a good laugh today.

  • glad it made you laugh, :D jimmy :)

  • I laughed until i ran out of air and my ribs hurt!!!

    What a joy!!! Thanks a bunch.

  • :D :D its great to laugh and its great to hear people laugh as it is infectious and does us good [mind you by the sound of it, it didn't do you much good :D :D only kidding off course ] glad you had a good laugh, best regards jimmy :)

  • Hi jimmy thanks for the giggle, thought the old saying was talking out ur bum, not listening lol :):)xxsoniaxxx

  • hi sonia,, ha ha :D :D and you said it polite :D :D

    a great response sonia :D love jimmy :D xxx

  • Ouch! As always brilliant. You take care jimmy. xxx

  • ho,ho,ho thank you xx

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