Shopping in the cold with my head on back to front!

Did our shop on Friday. It was so Cold I was really struggling. So we decided we would go to the 2 shops next door to each other only. With my big coat and my scarf wrapped around me wobbled off the the first shop not much wanted at first (must stop impetus buying) . Once my breath was back but the forehead pounding from the cold get to the checkout. Take my wallet out my front pocket. Now I have been putting it there for some time now as I keep cracking my cards by sitting on them when I was putting them in my back pocket. It is apparently a better place to stop your pockets being picked too! Checkout girl was very nice and left us with a smile.

Shop number 2, fake pound token in the trolley and in we go. head still pounding but we get what we want with a hot toddy treat and extra stock for xmas. After it seemed like many beeps I am met with the cost! Wife moves over to the packing shelf with the trolley.

Hand in the front pocket to find it empty! Well I only had a one word response to this! Called the wife back and asked if she had my wallet. rummage though bags no luck. Went though my coat as I have put it in my zipped pocket when I wear it sometimes. So the wife had to pay on her card while I went to the first shop I last had it. Found someone who claimed to be management who went to every checkout and asked if they had a black wallet handed in? My breathing was not at its best by now. But the manager reassured me with " Christmas time and finding a wallet, I do not think you will be lucky enough to get that back!"

I am going back to store 2 to ask if I dropped it in there and the wife is coming out. "found it?" I stood there and said "No have been though them all" and rechecked the pockets, ALL the pockets and there in my back pocket was my wallet! The relief was second to non but the head still pounded and the breathing was still poor. load the car with the wife closing with "you have had your head on back to front all day today" Boy was she so right. Need my woolly hat to have front and back on I think from now on.

Be Well

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  • Phew Offcut! at least you found the wallet now to get your head sorted out and put on the right way round! Take care and stay focused. xxxxx :)

  • I think I have left it on the pillow sometimes too :)

  • Oh dear Offcut, what a time you had but pleased you found your wallet. I was almost walking with you from shop to shop as you were buying your goods and coping with the inevitable.

    Bet we've all had shopping horrors and memory malfunctions. A few months ago in town I'd forgotten my pin number sequence at the check out and had twice tapped it in wrong. The pressure was building before lock-out (as was the queue behind me). Was so keen to get the numbers right that I heard myself begin to carefully say it OUT LOUD...arrr, until I realised! Boy, was I glad to finish my purchase and get out of the store :D

  • I always seem to want to say my old address at banks which always gets a funny look

  • Oh dear Offcut can't take you anywhere :d x

  • Adds to the days events

  • I was getting stressed just reading this - so glad you found it and are feeling a bit better :)

  • Still got a headache but I was just in instinct mode I think that day.

  • Oh I am so glad that your shopping post has a happy ending. Wallet loss or fear of same when in a busy shop is no fun at all. Maybe you New Year resolution could be to sew up all those rear trouser pockets :-)

    I always feel hassled at checkouts. As I invariably have my carer and my shopping trolley go first, so they can unload onto the belt and load back into the trolley. I follow to pay the bill. Then as I have only 2 hands I need to put card / change and wallet away before I can begin to roll forward out of the way of the next customer.

    The number of people who find those few seconds of their lives the most important in their lives never ceases to amaze me. Before I have had chance to push myself forward I have been pushed forward by the customer behind several times. This then leaves me in the path of people leaving the checkouts further from the door. It is also confusing and not a little alarming.

    As I have no access to trouser pockets I wear a bum bag to store my wallet and keys etc. I will not move off until my wallet is safely put away as just putting it on my lap and moving off is too vulnerable these days. Rib

  • Some People do not seem to have the time to be courteous now?

  • Yet they always seem to have time to be rude, shout abuse and to eat an extra portion ;-) Rib

  • I have and still do. If I hold a door open for someone to get though the door hands full etc. and I do not even get a nod! I say "PARDON" it usually gets a" I did not say anything" So I then reply "Sorry I thought you said Thank You" Always brings a cringe from the wife. It costs nothing to be pleasant.

  • I am like you,if they don't thank me,I say as they walk away "thanks for holding the door" no mum used to say civility costs nothing.

  • Wow what a relief, if like me I would rather give the money away than have it stolen, so pleased all ended ok,and you will have your head the right way round next time,Lol

  • If I found one I would hand it in!

  • I was getting quite hot under the collar reading that...thank goodness all was well!

  • I am not easily panicked but I had took some money out just before for the shopping in their hole in the wall

  • The phrase 'getting your head together' must seem very relevant to you today, Offcut :) Hope you manage to screw it back right way round this time.

  • I think I need some anti freeze or maybe a whiskey or 2 ;)

  • That moment when fear and panic take over and common sense go out of the window. Happens to me quite often and rarely is it actually a crisis just an imaginary one created by our own over reaction. Did it once in a multi storey when I "lost" my car and convinced myself it had been stolen. Found it eventually on a different floor, shortly before I was about to call the police.


  • We have all done it Christmas does this to us but I'm really pleased you found it you should tie it on a piece of string like my neighbour Mr Scrooge

  • All I needed to do was put in the right pocket, but my head thought of somewhere else and played hide and seek with me.

  • I can only imagine, but the relief of finding it...... Xx

  • it was like Christmas had come early :)

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