Good G.P. Re COPD

My G.P. is excellent as he has me in monthly for a check.He arranged an Echo cardiogram to check my heart and last week I had an outpatients appointment with same.He thinks there is a problem with the Aortic valve in my heart which means my heart is not working efficiently re oxygen transfer.He has put me down for an Angiogram after Christmas which could give me a lot of answers and see what treatment I require.Fingers crossed it should be most helpful.Breathlessness is not always down to lung function

Wishing all a happy and healthier Christmas and New year..Bobby

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Hi Robert, you are very fortunate to have such a great GP and he is so right to get you booked in for an angiogram. My hubby Pete has sarcoidodis and copd and he also has heart problems (heart attack in 2007 requiring stents). The MRI scan is showing sarc in the heart muscle and possible blockages so he is to have an angiogram on Thursday 18th. I hope it will help him with his breathing. Good luck to you too and enjoy your Christmas in as good a health as possible. Take care xx


Good luck for the 18th.

Thank you very much. xxxx

Sassy, will be thinking of you both on the 18th and I hope Pete's angiogram sheds some light on his condition. I was very nervous before the procedure but they give sedation and it was absolutely fine.

Thanks Argana, Pete had a heart attack in 2007 and was stented via the groin but he is still a little nervous. I am sure all will be well. You take care. xxx

Hope it all goes well for your husband, try not to worry. Lots of love TAD xx

I am trying not to worry TAD and thanks for your kind wishes. xxx

Thank you and enjoy your Christmas and New year

You're very right about breathlessness not always being down to lung function. During my recent hospital stay, someone finally joined up the dots between my almost constant chest pain and increased breathlessness and I had an angiogram. The doctor performing it asked me if I'd been experiencing 'any breathlessness'. Well my answer should have been 'how long do you have?' . I know most of my breathlessness is due to severe bronchiectasis but the angiogram revealed an additional reason. I now have totake three extra medications but am free of chest pain and noticeably less breathless. IMO, everyone with severe lung problems should have their hearts properly checked at least once a year. ECGs are just not enough.

Just to relieve some anxiety, the angiogram is not that bad. Usually you are given a Valium several minutes before they take you into surgery and the next thing you know you are back and OMG due to drugs, you feel wonderful!!!

I have copd and afib or an erratic heart which is difficult to determine which is causing the breathlessness. I have a pacemaker to keep my heart at least 60 BPM , no blockage just a confused electrical system. BP has spells of bouncing around too. Have to force myself to move!!! Have good days and then those that walking down the hall I bounce off the walls.

Hope your test is good and encouraging !!!

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