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Hey everyone,

Hope your all doing well. Trying to figure out which oximeter to buy. I figured you guys could give me some pointers. Also, I have the microlife fev / peak flow device. My fev 1 is 160. Dont know what that would be in terms of %. Can anyone help me out on that?

Hope you all have a great weekend.

~ RUBY ~

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I've got the Biosync off Amazon I got it with a wrist cuff blood pressure monitor for £32 both on offer, both seem to work well and I got my nurse to check it against hers.

Good luck

Kim xx

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Hi I get around 300-350 and my lung function is 66%. Don't know if that helps. I bought my oxymetre on Amazon and it checks your heart rate as well as oxygen level. It cost £20.00 x


Biosync via Amazon. Very good, sensitive enough for small children and babies. Does your pulse too. Mine was £18, free postage.

It's great to watch your sats go up when you do the breathing exercises.

Look at the reviews for differents ones on Amazon to make an informed choice. Best, P

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Agree with all above Ruby, got mine on amazon, they have a health goods section all reasonable priced. I buy my urine testers on there and hand splints as well as the things to monitor my lung and heart function. Worth a look as part of managing your own health. xx


I have a biosync pulse oximeter which is the same as my GP got it from Amazon.

is a good read to.

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Hi Ruby

Do you mean the result on your peak flow is 160? Not the same as FEV1 people refer to on here.

Is it 160 litres per minute?

If so, 'normal' (and % of normal) depends on your sex, age and height but you'll be able to google the norms - be prepared, if that is 160 l/m, it's quite low.


160 is fev 1 before converted to %. My peak flow is 300.


Seems Amazon does well from most of us! Sheila Xx


I have had mine (Finger Pulse Oximeter and show heart rate) for over a year and find it easy to use and read - large lit up numbers - and when checked with Doctor's etc. ones very accurate. I got it through CHOICEMED and it is manufactured through BCET (Chinese but manufactured? in Germany) It was not the cheapest - about £50 but I would recommend it - hope that helps.xx


Hi Found a recommendation for this one 3 years ago - accurate & works fine. Found on Amazon, too.

£18 inc post below - you may be able to save a couple of ££ if you search.


Fev1 is 'volume' measured in Litres (in the UK) that you forcibly blew out in 1 second - that ani't gonna be 160, maybe 1.6. Or maybe your device uses a different measure?

PF is 'speed' measured in litres per minute and could well be 300 - but % of normal still depends on your sex age & height which you haven't given.. so for a tiny 90 year old woman that's fantastic.. but for a 6ft 30yo man is very low.

I'm guessing you're a lady but the rest would maybe be rude of me to guess :)

Fev1 when people talk about % they are referring to % of normal - but normal varies by age sex height which you haven't provided.. so we can't answer your question.


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