Switching from running to flute exercises!

I’m stopping this particular training. One reason is that I’ve reached the 5 K on the static bike at the gym. The other, important reason is that I bought a flute.

A flute is nothing like what you see on a piece of paper. It’s a heavy instrument, because of the mechanism on top. At the gym, they were very supportive and gave me some exercises to strengthen my shoulders. I shall integrate this in my circuit training which I love and won’t abandon, as I have done it for years. So I’m not returning to my couch :->). Quite the contrary, I shall concentrate more on developing strength and endurance. Thank you for all your wonderful encouragements

See what kind of problem a flutist (or flautist - to make it more Italian!) encounters:

I only got it 2 days ago! I recommend for everyone who needs to strengthen their breath. This is according to numerous research. there was a little girl who had bad asthma. instead of rushing to her inhaer, she rushed to her flute and found the asthma attack diffused. It has a physical benefit as well as a psychological, calming effect.


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lot of laughs on the ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thank you for the info - makes very interesting reading :)

Good for you, you enjoy life I can tell all your gym. But music is wonderful ,what a lovely thing the flute. Happy playing.

Thank you so much, I love classical music. I also sing in my church choir. (I can imagine myself singing with angels ... until one of them who will notice I might be off key!

fantastic - i've had the same idea, and have taken up the saxophone! i find it hard to exercise (i swim and hate running)... in the winter, but realised that blowing a sax might have a positive effect. it's very noisy, but a lot of fun.

frances21, Oh I just love your response. One day we might come together and make a frightful noise. The flute is sustained in its sharp noise! My neighbour is deaf, fortunately, but one day even her might knock on the floor above!

Happy sax, happy breathing, happy Christmas!

Mic, this is such a coincidence :) I've just posted about getting a harmonica abd scroll down to find you are starting the flute . Well all I can say is great minds definitely do think alike and look forward to some good music. I was googling about treatments for bronchiectasis today and came across all this stuff about harnonicas and breathing. When I ws at school I used to play harmonica, so really looking forward to getting into it again. Good luck with the flute and let us know how you're getting on with it.

Im with you on this Argana. I play, badly and not for a while, and was taught by someone who played blues harmonica perfectly and also has copd.

What i found hardest is sucking in the air to make those sounds, blowing out was fine. You've inspired me to get it out and have another go.

There are groups for people with lung problems - would you think of joining such a group, assuming of course there is one near you?

Round here there are choirs for copd etc, but no harmonica groups.

Maybe I'll have to form one :) :)

Argana. don't you love the challenge! It's so great! I like the harmonica too; I've only played scout's songs on it, but it was pleasant to be able to take it and play. I like the flute because ... it's portable! apart from that it has an angelic sound - when played by james Galway (not me yet!)

OOH, this is so good. I love a challenge! Happy Christmas Argana (Around the fire, the embers glowing, the sound of the harmonica lulled us into delightful dreams)!

Yes, there is something angelic about flutes. I think it's because the tone is so pure. The harmonica is earthier but appeibg in it's own way. I've asked for it for Christmas so won't get it until the 25th. When are you starting ?

Aragana, I had looked for a teacher, but he didn't answer my email. so I found a school. That was an instant success. Very near me, there's a teacher. She was very kee I should start in the new term in January. She booked me in (just in case I'd escape!) It's my cousin n Exeter who advised me to do so. he had bought a Canon camera and benefited greatly from some introductory lessons. I thought it was a brilliant idea. it will also keep me going, at least for one term; perhaps more. I've already advised the volunteer bureau that this will e a new, regular fixture. I'm over the moon. Ok, Here's teh "new james Galway" :-) Cheers, Mic

We'll be expecting a performance video at the end of term :) It's an excellent idea to sign up for a class because when you've booked and paid for tuition, that's a real commitment. I'm slow to book anything in advance these days because my health has been so bad this year. But I've been feeling good now since my last hospital stay so maybe I'm in for a better period of health in 2015. Fingers crossed Xx

Argana, I'm so pleased of your progress. I do wish you to be able to see a brighter future. keep exercises (at home or anywhere else, singing, playing or directing others with your arms!)

I adore the saxophone ,I play the talking drum a bit,so we'll have a musical team!!

is the talking drum of African origin? I knew this missionary who brought back this massive tree trunk. Carved from inside with a rudimentary knife; after having seasoned in the river for a good number of months. There was one male lip and a female lip on the other side. You could hear it 15 miles away. Messages were carried like this from one village to the other. (i'm trying to hear yours, which village do you live in?) Cheers, I'm very enthusiastic about the benefits of music and exercises. Mic

It's american ,hold it under your arm and squeeze the strings in and out to talk it. Drum both ends ,the other arm taps the drum. Or a stick. I bought it back from Australia, I've always loved it.

Wonderful. I like the tabla from India. I like other Indian instrument.

I also like the Portuguese fado, very moving when the words are not understood (nostalgic and sad [saudade]) You keep amazing me!

I have a tabla aswell,no it's american,long with strings on,I will take a photo. Later on....figure it out first .

Colour, I close my eyes and hear you beating the syncopated rhythms in a frenetic raga. and I am trying to find the appropriate key on the flute, hahaha!

You mean you can't run and play your flute at the same time Mic? ;)

Btw, think I've transposed my memory of meeting you at the PR session. Rita (partner) said, 'do you mean Michael?' when i mentioned you and she remembers you from the tai chi session we go to in the United Reform church hall - run by my cousin Jack as it happens :)

So i think maybe i gave you that lift back to Swalecliff from there.

Maybe that will jog your memory since my last attempt was rubbish. Or maybe you will just have to wait to see my ugly mug :D

Good luck with the flute - Ive played the harmonica off and on, taught by some with copd. Less exalted sound, i try to play like Dylan but Rita groans and leaves the room :(

Take care, xxx

Bob dylan, good model! Do you write poetery too?

I do remember Jack Kenny. He is such a fantastic man, and making pottery too! Yes, I've been to the UNited REformed Church and enjoyed the free and not so easy Tai Chi. I had to think about leaving the course. But I wanted to strengthen my muscles a bit.

Now with the flute, I need to strengthen my sholder muscles, so I'll stick to the gym, although, I do some QI Gung exercises called the 9 pieces of brocade every morning; so I haven't abandoned Chinese thoughts altogether. I did learn a bit of acupuncture, but am not qualified!

Whether you saw me at the All Saints PR class ( I was there! ) or at Tai Chi with Jack (I was there too) that's all right! By the way, you can give him my warmest regards, because I thought his class was really a bonus in my life.

Well, the world's my oyster, especially in Whitstable! Cheers, to all of you.

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