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Well it was time to visit my lung specialist at the hospital today. To find out what my SA test had shown up? Ask why I have not heard about the PR I was supposed to go on?

Got there early and went through the reception process with the most miserable person on the desk as I greeted her with a smile and a "morning!" Response or lack of was confirmation idle chit chat was not going to work here. Usual name address etc. confirmed mobile last 3 digits, then looked me in the eyes "land line number?" As a hater of non courteous conversations I replied "Yes" Pause... "What is it?" " I have no idea cannot seem to remember it" Back to the screen and handed a paper sheet and told to go though the double doors and leave it in the box on the wall.

Only 10 mins after my appoint time I am called though to the weigh station nothing much changed so herded to the next corridor to wait for the main man this time. He greeted me with good firm handshake and told me to sit down. He started out the the SA is not at a stage that he feels I need to be treated at the moment but most of the problem with my sleep is down to my breathing and my heart problems. So no change there, will still have bad nights sleep :( Went though how I am and what is affecting my breathing etc. So I thought good time to mention I was supposed to have a PR appointment but have not heard anything? He said that with my light exercise intolerance it would do me more harm than good :(

So he moves on to the inhalers which of late have not been working GP said that's the RLD . Consultant then throws the curve ball I must take my Seretide with a spacer! I have never had one or been offered one before? ( I will get back to that ) Then he rummages though my notes and asks am on still on a particular tablet which I have not been for years now. Produced my list of prescriptions explained that my Sotalol have been reduced from 3 x 80mg a day as my fingers and lips went blue to 2 x 80mg! He explained that because of the beta blockers they are also blocking the Seretide so I need to come off them! "But will that not then affect my heart problems" I asked "Well that is what the cardiologist will have to sort out?" It will not change your PH it will not help your Paralysed Diaphragm your Lung capacity will remain the same at best because of the RLD, but you may see a difference in 8 weeks?

He then says I will get you looked at by your cardiologist and starts to dictate into his machine demanding an urgent appointment for me to see the cardiologist to find a solution!

I am not sure how this is going to pan out as the heart doc has said he has ran out of options the last time I saw him hence the reason my Pace and Ablate was cancelled. Plus I have not done very well with some of the wonder drugs that are out there?

Finally back to the spacer he writes out the prescription for me to pick up from the Hospital Pharmacy and says he will see me in 3 months. Drop the prescription in and told 30 mins given a slip with 22 on, so time for a coffee! Order my coffee and while away 30 mins people watching and what an interesting bunch some of them were? by the time I got back to the pharmacy they called out 17 :( Always the optimist thought not to long now 60 mins 20 is called only for them to find the product can not be taken in the form they have? 90 mins and my number is called! With this extra time I am met with a £3.00 Parking charge :(

Be Well

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Urrggggh! Though you did make me smile the way you dealt with the miserable receptionist. So damn annoying - they are being paid to be a receptionist which means greeting people. Disappointing about the PR though - it would have been nice if you had been told before now! I can only hope that the heart man finds a solution for you. Wonder if it might be any help to call the BLF helpline and ask their advise? As for the pharmacy - dear lord what do they do in those places - we waited a similar amount of time for suppositories to which my husband asked the pharmacist what he should do, he thought they were a bit big to swallow!! She didn't find it funny at all!! The very best of luck my dear, with lots of love TAD xxx


It seems that if it not my GP it is the consultants that want to blame another problem and find it hard to consider I may have more than one condition?


So disappointing, Offcut. I too had a consultant appt yesterday and my experience was so similar to yours. Consultant was good though and will arrange a scan and other tests, but nothing new really. You must be annoyed about PR. I know when I was waiting it felt an eternity but eventually came through. To wait and then be told "no way" must be deflating. Hope you get some better news soon.


I had one in 2008 but I was better then. But even then certain things my O2 dropped to low and they had to stop them. I was concerned about the beep walk test at the start. But thought at least I am in the right place with the right people and if there was anything further that would improve me has to be good thing.

I believe that my biggest problem is at rest I do not have that bad O2 stats. They then base everything on that. He said after 200 metres how out of breath are you? I said if there is frost on the car I am lucky to get to end of his office before I am SOB outside. So then asked about stairs how many flights? When I said ONE at home is enough before I am SOB any time of the year!


Think we must have same consultant!! Asked me exact same and I gave near enough exact same answer. Really struggled to get from the car across the road to the hospital entrance yesterday. It was cold so couldn't breathe. I said I could manage one flight of stairs but it's pointless as I can't do anything when I get there!!


We must go to the same hospital! Mine makes me wonder why I persevered for nearly a year to get the appointment in the first place!


I did find benefit from the one in 2008 learnt huffing which still works for me now. So for that alone it was worth it.


Yes, huffing is good but I learnt mine at P.R. course.

Take care


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