Changes in my voice

A few weeks ago I posted that my voice keeps changing and mentioned it to my doctor at the hospital, I thought it was due to a build up of mucus on my voice box, but doctor said it could be more serious and ordered me a CT scan, this showed a growth in my throat, I have had surgery today for a biopsy to find out what this growth is, Here's hoping the outcome is OK !

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  • Hi Btown, I sure am hoping along with you. Figures crosses for a benign and easily removed lump. Rib

  • Thanks Rib, should know next week T♡

  • hi btown, yes i remember the post in question, at least your "moving" now, you've had the ct scan, now had the biopsy, now lets pray its just a benign lump as rib says, its always a worry, the waiting, so lets hope/pray you get a good result to your biopsy, and soon !!

    kindest thoughts, jimmy

  • Thanks Jimmy, will keep you posted.

  • Well Jimmy my husbands voice has changed in the last few weeks - think we need to see the doctor after Christmas if there is no improvement. Thank you for your post. The very best of everything that it can be dealt with quickly and simply, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks TAD, good idea to get your husband checked out ♡

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you. xx

  • Thanks mustcarryon

  • Hope your biopsy shows good results, and you don't have to wait too long to find out. Good luck. joyce

  • Thanks Joyce, will keep you posted ♡

  • Hope your biopsy shows good results, and you don't have to wait too long to find out. Good luck. joyce

  • Wow btown, I remember the post and I also thought it would be mucous stuck on your voice box. Good that your dr followed this up! I hope that the results from the biopsy will be reassuring. Best wishes and let us know how you goxxx

  • Thanks Jen, It sure was a stroke of luck that he followed up on it, I certainly will keep you updated ♡

  • Fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

  • Thanks budgiesmum ♡

  • Wishing you well btown. xxxx

  • Thanks sassy ♡

  • Hi brown, my sister suffered with this also had biopsy turned out accumulation of inhalers growth on voice box, cleared up with antibiotics and she makes sure she drinks water after using her inhalers. Hope yours is as simple :)

  • Thanks Bryju124 I hope so♡

  • I hope all goes well and it turns out it is nothing serious.

  • Thanks Jackdup.

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