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Watch this video of inspiring Breathe Easy groups!

We are constantly inspired by our amazing Breathe Easy groups and our groups in Nottingham have really surpassed themselves with this incredible video they have produced! Please do take the time to watch it and share it with your friends and family - you could help it go viral!

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that was incredible - well done to all :) :) :)



I couldn't get the link to work on my tablet, so typed it into You tube search, just up to the gg bit.

I think the late king of the cocktails was a leading light in one of the Nottingham Breathe Easy groups.



The same thought crossed my mind Knitter, you never forget true friends.I can't get the link to work either so will try a different route like you have.


I can't get the link either. You have stirred up memories of a truly lovely man, no longer with us. Joyce


Blimey! Wot a bunch! I need a rest after watching this. Mayoral approval too, can't be bad.


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