Gross Negligence By All Politicians


Who is responsible for killing Uk Citizens (look no further its your Politicians who are guilty of hundreds of thousands deaths in the UK)

The following are just "some" of the press reports by just one UK Newspaper (The Guardian)

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health ...Mar 19, 2013

WHO: air pollution 'is single biggest environmental health risk ...Mar 25, 2014

Air pollution 'kills 7 million people a year' | Environment | The Guardian Mar 25, 2014 .

EU court rules UK government must clean up dangerous air pollution Nov 19, 2014 .

China's toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, say scientists ...Feb 25, 2014

Air pollution can cause cancer, says World Health Organisation ...Oct 17, 2013

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health ...Mar 19, 2013

Air pollution linked to higher risk of lung cancer and heart failure ...Jul 9, 2013

Air pollution: how big a problem is it for cyclists? | Environment | The ...Feb 20, 2014 .

Air pollution costs Britain £10bn a year, report shows | Environment ...Nov 25, 2014

Study links low birth weight to air pollution and traffic | Science | The .Study links low birth weight to air pollution and traffic | Science | Oct 15, 2013 ..

UK government failing legal duty on air pollution, supreme court rules

May 1, 2013 ... The UK government has failed in its legal duty to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution, the supreme court ruled on Wednesday

Europe must tackle air pollution, warn UN scientists | Environment ...Jul 4, 2013

Air pollution: youngsters, elderly and vulnerable urged to stay indoors Apr 2, 2014

Air pollution monitoring stations face closure as government looks to ...Aug 22, 2013

WHO names and shames UK cities breaching safe air pollution levels May 7, 2014

Air pollution linked to irregular heart beat, study finds | Environment ...Jun 5, 2014

UK cities will exceed EU pollution limits until 2030, figures show ...Jul 10, 2014

Which UK borough has the most deaths from air pollution ...Apr 10, 2014

Any Politician who ignores these disgusting and deplorable facts should NOT be a Member of Parliament based on their deliberate gross negligence which

causes known suffering,serious diseases,and deaths of thousands of Men,Women,Children,Infants and Foetus.

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  • How many people out there remember when we had what I call proper pollution. Thick pea soup fogs where if you went out to school or to work you wore a scarf around your nose and mouth. Pollution is not a new thing, it has been going on for a lot longer than most people have been alive. It is only now that the EU has decided that enough is enough. The only way I can see to eliminate pollution is to take to the roads on foot or by bike. Give up manufacturing and only clad ourselves in fabric that can be grown eg flax, cotton, wool.

  • More stupid comments which has no regard for Children,Babies and Foetus

    who daily get their lungs stuffed with serious toxins which have now been substantiated with conclusive Epidemiological research worldwide.

    No wonder the Uk has a cr-- society whose brains are tiny compared with their mouths.

  • More stupid comments which has no regard for Children,Babies and Foetus

    who daily get their lungs stuffed with serious toxins which have now been substantiated with conclusive Epidemiological research worldwide.

    No wonder the Uk has a cr-- society whose brains are tiny compared with their mouths.

  • Shame on our suposed wonderful media, that these facts are not hammered home by so called enlightened journalists..

    so SAD for our poor little country.

    There are many things that we could do to make life more bearable for OUR comunity, as well as ensuring our children, and granchildren have CLEAN AIR to breath.

    Fracking for even more oil to burn, building more roads for more cars, starving research into alternative forms of energy so we could have a cheap, clean form of transport, is not the answer.

    They will never ban smoking - because THAT will always be the cause of our problems. Not the bad air.

  • Keep believing what the Government stuff into you daily ie Obesity,Life Styles,Smoking,Drinking,Diet,in other words its YOUR fault you get serious diseases and die so its not us buryng the facts with the dead.

    People who comment who have not researched this serious subject for many years enjoy spouting garbage,its their claim to fame.

  • have you read John Pilgers report on the abysmal quality of the western journalists and papers reports

  • Next you will be telling us that pollution will be the cause of the end of the world. Regardless of the inconceivable Levels of pollution that were present during the

    Cretaceous Period with the formation of the Deccan Traps or the Permian - triassic Siberian Traps.

  • You obviously sit pontificating on a subject you know little.

    Serious Toxins ie Nitrogen Dioxide PM2.5 Particulates were not around then if you do some real research so please spare us your glib stupid comments

  • Pontificating? Blimey! Hey BLF anyone ever heard me pontificate? Nah, sorry you mistake me for someone who has an axe to grind. So long as the stuff that I breathe via the NHS condenser or my tanks is pure, I will not worry.

    As for what gasses where or were not present in earth atmosphere pre 66 million years ago, I think you are a bit adrift if you can present us with a list.

    Why don't you take you political effluent and your bogus name to somewhere it will be appreciated and leave us who are daily fighting to breathe through the next 24 hrs alone. Rib

  • eh rib, what have I told you about pontificating with our lesser mortals - stop it at once ;)

  • Oh! Sorry eyes. My university education slipping again, duh!

  • Well Rib i love your pontificating!! Xx

  • How I love the pollution bandwagon. But how many of you could live without burning fossil fuels? No gas, no electric, no oil, no plastic.

    What does that leave us with? Cleaner air maybe but no comfortable life. No phones, tvs, central heating, cars, planes, and many more items we consider essential. Now it may be we have been affected by pollution. In the UK there are 60 million people, 20% of the population smokes, 12 million people. 20% smokers get a smoke related lung disease. 2.4 million people with lung problems. So my question is what makes us so special?

    It does not appear that smoking or pollution play that big a part.

    Sorry, rant over.

    Dozy :) xxx

  • A callous attitude towards Cancers,Heart,Lung,Dementia,Alzheimers,may be

    your idea of life but with over 7 million dying each year from diseases linked to Nitrogen Dioxide Toxins ingested (WHO) I know after 20 years of collating Epidemiological Research conclusive reports enough to state the truth.

    If you enjoy children,infants and foetus having their lungs stuffed with daily PM2.5 toxins then I call that indirect abuse of kids.

  • oh now you are being a bit of a nasty git. What you need to understand and clearly do not is that all those ailments you list apart from the named Alzheimer, have been with us for many many many years.

    The first documented cancer death was in Egypt 1500bc.

    Dementia is as old as mankind itself .... I could go on but I think I will leave that to you.

  • May I ask how you are helping. Anyone with half a brain can research other people's work. Secondary research can be manipulated to any slant the author wishes. It is primary research carried out under controlled conditions that would generate answers. As yet I have not heard of a foetus dying of All heifers. Please stick to one test subject and only changing one variable.


  • Well said!! Xx

  • and yet for all that we are living longer :D

  • Living with serious diseases and dementia which require constant attention

    is "living" the fantasy of living longer is spin and more spin

  • that is only a part not the whole.

  • This group is for people suffering from or supporting those with Lung conditions. When I last read the Daily Sport it didnt say that Alzheimers was a lung disease, so I will kindly ask you to go to another Community as I am not going to feed you anymore. Rib

  • I look forward to reading all the posts on here every day, in fact I lol a lot on the humour whilst leArning a lot about my condition,But today (You need to know) you spoiled it for me,you are going on and on and on about pollution as well as insulting people who disagree with you.So please Wind Your Neck In and let the rest of us enjoy the site to help us get through part of our day reading all about the patrons and the laughs


  • Nicely put, well done! Xx

  • I agree with you,society is in a complete mess,gross negligence by politicians ,and anyone else who uses negative power to control. With all its lies and deceite ,if we know the difference between positive and negative we can change our hearts and have hope!!!

  • Paradoxically, just when there is a report saying 1,000 schools need air filters due to pollution from roads, they have an education policy now that all reception class children must be outdoors 50% of the school day - left hand/right hand now knowing what each other are doing?

  • Thank you Kininmonth and Chopsticks xxx

  • Just what we all needed to cheer our day folks! Great list that and at least there's no quote from the Daily Fail. Am I in the presence of a green I ask myself? Please don't quote the W.H.O to me or their rabid junk science - remember Avian 'flu, Swine 'flu PANDEMICS? Look up how many deaths they caused compared with good old British 'flu or the dreadful Ebola outbreak they didn't bother with for four or five months because they were too busy junketing in Moscow where they were desperately trying to ban or control the

    electronic cigarette which is saving the lives of millions of hardened smokers. But of course it's costing their funders, the Pharma multinationals a potential loss of trillions so follow the money. Rant over! Go away and let us enjoy some of the benefits of our central heating without sending us on a guilt trip, and remember that bovine farting causes pollution too - there just aren't enough corks to go round! Oh, and a Merry Christmas (or is that "bah, humbug" too?)

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