coughing and copious mucus and breathless

Just thought i would let you all know how i got on with doctor as i had been having lots of horrible episodes of constant coughing,copious mucus,wheezing and being terribly breathless. Waited 2 hours to see doctor in surgery full of people coughing and sneezing,i thought i hope i do not pick up any germs that's the last thing i would need. i am on spiriva and ventolin doc put me on another inhaler a steroid one and what a difference it has made i feel more able to cope and my symptoms have almost gone. I would like to thank you all for your and get their opinions. Thank you all so much love and good health to you all.xx

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Great news Bikergrove - well done for sitting it out in a waiting room full of germs. Glad you were given another inhaler and even more pleased it is working for you. Lots of love TAD xx

Good news Bikergrove and hope you continue to stay well. No more sitting around in waiting rooms for a while hopefully. Take care. xxxx

You must have been so relieved when the new inhaler made you feel so much better biker.

It's good to know there are so many options in inhalers, take care. xx

I'm always concerned about waiting at the GP with all those coughs & colds.

What steroid inhaler is it?

Hi soulsaver, it is Clenil Modulite 100 or Beclometasone dispropionate x

Hi sorry to hear your not too good at the moment lets hope the steroids do their work and you will improve quickly

Hope you enjoy your Christmas

Thanks june i hope they work too ,have a lovely christmas x

That is very useful thank you as I have similar symptoms and will be seeing my consultant next week. Hope it continues to work. Thanks

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