Are you lurking?

A lot of people lurk in the background of the BLF but never miss checking in every day without fail. They are the ones that are not too sure whether what they have to say about themselves is important enough to warrant writing.

Let me say here and now that every word, fear, even thought are deserving of a reply, and if you find it hard to communicate it doesn't really matter, someone will post on a subject close to your heart and if you continue following the thread it will perhaps lure you into replying.

Myself I'm not bothered about posting, my concern is more of constantly repeating myself . . . . or even worse, forgetting what I was going to write about in the first place.

Sometimes I feel that I have so much to say but I am too tired or listless to do much about it. Most are familiar with that I'm sure, there are so many of you that deserve more of our attention but so few of us with the passion and integrity of those top names that we see each morning when we log on. I know them, you know them and we all love them.


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  • "Awe!! Allan.... Well said you.. every word you write is how it is...Just knowing sometimes is all we need to know, and hoping life is being kind to you too, Allan. and that your having a nice peaceful and relaxing weekend..... Megan.."

  • Such kind words and it is so true..sometimes I am one of them.

  • Well said - kind thoughts to everyone xxx

  • I tend to be a lurker...don't feel I know enough to give a good reply to those asking for advice so I write stuff about our lives instead...if those writings cheer someone up or make them laugh a bit then that is my contribution...keep warm Allan xxx

  • Very well said Allan when you know just how many there are of us there are a lot of shy people.It can feel quite daunting.When I first joined I was scared cos everyone seemed to be so knowledgeable on lungs and very familiar with each other.When you pluck up the courage that first time it is such a warm feeling to feel the friendliness of everybody, we are all equal just at different stages.Good post :) Janexx

  • Yeah good post Allan. No one should be scared of replying coz everyone has experience of some sort they can talk about. Even if you don't have any answers it is great to acknowledge a post especially if no one or very few have replied. Everyone can acknowledge or welcome a newbie after all x

  • Good post eightyplus, I think it's a good way to encourage people to say hello. I'm sure you'll see lots of replies. Take care June

  • I lurk because i have little to add, my diagnosis is only moderate, ni idea what my %s are (wasn't told).

    a lot of days i can do stuff ok breathing wise but i have many others probs (Buergers disease, CIDP, Sciatica, IBS, etc). those do act up a lot,, so i can find myself breathing hard on any kind of effort as a result.

    But I read all of your posts and think that I don't have much to moan about really compared to you all.

    so I don't, I lurk.

  • So true, a brilliant site we can say, or not, what and when we like. Makes us feel in control, something i think this horrid illness does'nt like! Xx

  • We

  • I agree with everything you all say, I have posted a few times and got really helpful replies but feel I lack the knowledge to give advise, I don't have c.o.p.d I have a large lung bulla, my husband has moderate c.o.p.d so I check everyday to see if any of the posts apply to our situation, but be assured that just because any people do not post does not mean they are not truly grateful for your input.


  • One of my problems is knowing when to shut up ;) Maybe I am the ying of their yang?

    Be Well

  • Well said Allan,anything to encourage others to join in and post stuff is ok in my book.I appreciate all contributions.None of us bite so post away lol! :D

  • well put

    i think some people dont post because they think its all about our health issues but it isnt and its nice to have a joke and a moan about the dog or whatever it is

    there are some amazing people on here and joining this forum is one of the best things i did x x

  • Guilty of being a lurker but value each and every one of you xx

  • Allan, Repeat after me, repeat after me!

    I think it's the nature of this forum that the same questions crop up again and a gain. I suppose you could save a sort of standard answer on a topical subject and paste if from your saving folder! But no, I don't mind writing about the same stuff. I am passionate about exercises because I know it does good to some people. And it's true that sometimes, I feel I can't answer it all. But never mind, by the grace of God go I and go we!

    To those who lurk with the fear to come in the open, I'll say to you,:tickety boo! Have a go, we don't bite! have a good preparation to Christmas. I will wrap myself in my duvet :-) cheers everyone, and also to those lurkers! Mic

  • Oh! Whatever.......?It's just as important to read as is to write,you need a balance,or there's no reason to write anything if noones gonna read it! So feel free do what you like there is no rules and regulations !!!so relax and carry on!!

  • Well well! After browsing through that lot I guess that there is more than enough room for 'General Chat' after all.

    It is nice that we can share memories of better times, especially with Christmas fast approaching and our wintry ailments only adding to the burdens that we already have.

    So feet up, cocoa in hand and let the stories flow. . . . . . .

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like someone I know xx

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