its bill

gooood morning .hope every one is fine and dandy today . got news last night I gotta stay in hospital another week at least. not a happy bunny to say the least . ive been thro food menu twice so its what do I have now . oh do I wanna go home you don't realise all them little extras you have , till your denined them. like having cuppa when you fancy one . well love to all . keep on breathing

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  • Morning Bill, hang on in there and just take one day at a time. I am sure the hospital are doing all they can and they will let you go home when they feel you are ready. Can your wife bring you something nice in? Something that may rally the spirits a bit maybe. Good luck to you and get well soon. Breathe well. xxxxxx

  • Hi Bill I am sure you are in the best place for the moment, don't they have a trolley round with lot of goodies on. I know it gets a bit boring in there, hope you have someone nice next to you who you can chat with.

    Lets hope it wont be long before you are back home.

    Take Care

    polly xx

  • Sorry to hear that you have been sentenced. Can you not have a flask of brew brought in? When I was in for a very long stint I had my wife buy 2 pump action flasks. She would bring one in each day and take my empty home. On days that she couldn't come I missed out. The catering staff were only too happy to keep me supplied with clean beakers. Rib

  • Please stay in hospital until you're better. If you insist on going home too soon you may just land up back in there again. Good luck!


  • It's not pleasant being in the 5* hotel Bill but I'm sure if they felt you were well to go home they would turf you out pronto. Sit tight and it will be home time before you know it. M x

  • Between you and me it's bloody cold - you are better off keeping warm and after all what's another week in the scheme of things. Wishing you a very speedy recovery, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Hi Bill sorry you have to stay in hospital, but it's the best place if you are not well, or fully recovered. But as they say there is no place like home and I am sure you will be home soon. Best wishes take carexx

  • Hi Bill sorry your not so well at the mo and in the hospital for another week.It must be needed coz they dont keep you in a second longer than is necessary.Could your wife bring in some fish n chips for you at all or make a little supper sandwich and some tasties you can munch on.Are you mobile in anyway to get to canteen if not Ribs flask idea is a good ? Getwell soon wont be long Im sure. Sending healing blessings to you :) Janexx

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