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Hello Everybody,

I wondered if anybody else has been prescribed this quite new drug which is marketed as Anoro Ellipta and if anybody finds it more effective than what they were using. In my case Ipratropium.

I'm not too sure about it and I would be so grateful if anyone has any feedback. I think it was only licensed for use in England this year. I don't think the license was granted in Scotland.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this and keep warm and well now that Winter's here.


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New to me but would like to know more about it. Thank you.


I have just started this but have onlt taken 2 doses so am not really in a position to comment! I would be interested in comparing notes at a later stage though.


Would like to hear how you and Toci get on with it - good luck xxx


This is a 24 hour release drug nd I found that it did not last and I was on my knees by 8-00pm so reverted back.


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